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Clickatell’s SMS Gateway: Developers’ Central

Reliable, scalable and customizable our variety of SMS APIs allow developers to create applications offering businesses online international SMS services, all supported by our reliable bulk SMS messaging gateway.

Use Clickatell's SMS gateway to SMS-enable any application, website or system and send messages around the globe with a variety of connection options. There's no charge to sign up or to use our gateway, you only pay for the messages you send

You can use our SMS Messaging Gateway for:

Automated alerts

Scheduled Staff Meeting: Please be advised that the weekly staff meeting will take place as usual in the New York office at 09h00.

Two-way messaging

Dear Janet As a loyal customer, we would like to reward you with 20% off your next purchase at our store.  Please reply “REWARD ME” to 3378 and we will send you your SMS discount coupon. Kind regards Music Ink

Personalized Priority Messages

Dear John Please be advised that your account 4678353 has just been debited with the amount $765.38.  If you wish to query this amount, please send an SMS message to 9983. Kind Regards Premier Banking

Email to SMS

Dear Patient Please be advised our surgery will be closed over this long weekend.  If you need medical attention, please contact your local emergency hospital directly.  Regards Liphook Doctors’ Surgery.

International SMS

Dear Peter Your shipment has just arrived in Canada.  We will be shipping it tomorrow and it is due to arrive in Seattle on Monday 6 April 2012 at 09h00.  You will receive another message to confirm delivery. Kind Regards APL Deliveries

How the Clickatell SMS Gateway works


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Developers' Central

Reliable, scalable and customizable, Developers' Central integrates with your systems and applications via our wide variety of APIs.

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How Developers’ Central can help you:

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Use Clickatell's wide variety of SMS APIs (HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML, SOAP, COM Object) to quickly and easily integrate any system or application with our global SMS messaging gateway.
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The user-friendly, web-based interface easily allows you to manage all you SMS API connections, monitor your campaigns, do extensive reporting, make online payments, receive invoices, add sub-users and more.
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You can choose from different message routing profiles to suit your budget and redundancy requirements.
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We provide additional Code Scripts for use with all interfaces and support integration with excellent product documents.

Read about our SMS APIs in action

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Read the following case studies to find out more about how our SMS APIs and our global SMS messaging Gateway were used to create an ongoing SMS platform that helped improve these businesses’ day-to-day operational processes and customer satisfaction.
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t-mac Technologies Ltd

t-mac Technologies LTD, a remote systems monitoring organisation, chose to use Clickatell’s HTTP API to connect to our SMS Gateway in order to inform end-users of any alarm/alert conditions that may be occurring with their systems.

Read more about how t-mac Technologies used the HTTP API

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Homeworker ch is a Swiss online market place for specialists working from home. used Clickatell/s HTTP API to set up an alert system that allowed specialists to be contacted by SMS as soon as a query pertaining to them was submitted.

Read more about how Homeworker ch used the HTTP API

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Rummble is a location based social search and discovery tool that enables users to find recommended content for a location more easily, without a traditional keywords search. They realized that SMS would offer the benefit of immediacy and allow them to push both alerts and content to any of their global users.

Rummble integrated their software with Clickatell’s SMPP product which offers a robust connection.

Read more about how Rummble used the SMPP API to send SMS worldwide
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Moneybookers LTD is one of Europe’s largest online payment systems offering domestic payment option sin 50 countries. they were looking for a suitable mobile solution to offer mobile SMS alerts on transaction for over 5 million eWallet customers. Using Clickatell’s SMPP API, customers can now receive text notifications directly to their cell phone anytime, anywhere.

Read more about how Moneybookers LTD used the SMPP API to send SMS worldwide

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VG Auction

VG Auction provides gamers with an expedient, economical and fair website in which users can post virtual assets and buyers can enter the bidding arena in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. VG Auction uses Clickatell’s SMTP API to inform members on the site when their item has been sold or bided on.

Read more about how VG auction uses email to SMS in their business

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Metcheck is the UK and Irelands premier weather alert service and uses Clickatell’s SMTP API to inform their users of the latest weather forecasts

Read more about how Metcheck uses email to SMS in their business

“We are happy to be working with Clickatell, which provides excellent quality of service and customer support via an easy-to-use service and have proven their experience. "

Paul Zavva , Chief Information Officer, Fruit and Veg City.