The unsatisfied, frustrated, and frequently unserviced customer has long held a pipe dream. This dream looks forward to a day where a combination of online chat and human agents, bot-driven interactions, smart machine learning and workflow automation completely transform customer support services. They hold out for a day when they no longer need to wait in long queues or endure other equally painful hurdles such as tedious identification processes along the way. Is there something so far-fetched about quality, efficient and smooth customer support? The answer to this question lies in Clickatell Touch.

Touch is positioned as a mobile digital front office which easily integrates into a business’ existing back office. It replaces traditional customer support processes with real-time and intelligent workflow communication.

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“Customers have adjusted the way they engage in the digital world. This has created a gap in how big businesses connect with their mobile customers,” says Deon van Heerden, Clickatell’s CEO.

“If not addressed, this gap will ultimately cost the business. With businesses losing about $6 billion a year because of poor customer service it’s easy to see the slide. A negative customer experience translates into poor customer satisfaction levels, an increase in the abandonment rate and ultimately missed revenue.

Clickatell Touch is here to bridge that gap and to put a smile back on your customer’s face.”

The technology behind the technology

Touch will usher in a new era of productivity and innovation as it sets new standards for quality, efficiency, speed, and functionality. The technology is personalized, immediate and intuitive and stands as a new benchmark in the customer service landscape.

Imagine the possibilities. Long, frustrating queues at administrative buildings, that dreaded Please hold music as you wait to be connected to someone in the know; All this made redundant through Touch’s smooth, instant and always available interface.

The product incorporates 3 layers of technology:

The Touch chat platform allows agents to conduct three or more simultaneous chat interventions. The obvious effect of this is efficiency as customer service systems are able to handle a vastly bigger flow of traffic. Originally designed as a mobile interface, there is a web-based product too.

The second layer is bot support. This incorporates a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning and sits beneath the chat platform. It allows for immediate responses for routine queries. These chatbots are able to self-learn from interaction to interaction and will push more complex cases to human agents. It’ll then provide a safety net of sorts as it continues to monitor the agent-customer conversation, suggesting interventions where necessary.

Finally, Touch allows for the creation of business flow mini applications or Touch cards. These appear in the chat streams and enable, empower, or encourage transactions. Examples of these transactions include appointments, invoicing, product research tools, cost estimation or completing a purchase. Cards can be activated either by the human agents or the consumer and instantly enable digital self-service.

How Clickatell Touch works

If Touch is the digital power tool, then these three technologies are the hardware needed to make the tool useful and functional. What should be noted is that, together, these technologies are not rip-and-replace, and integrate seamlessly with existing business infrastructures.

“Clickatell will work with our clients to integrate the system, ensuring it creates the complete customer support ecosystem within the given organization,” Nirmal Nair, head of product innovation at Clickatell, said.

And this intelligent automation – the combination of artificial intelligence and automation – is changing the way business is done across every sector, including communications. Intelligent automated systems such as Touch are able to create and process vast amounts of information. They can automate entire business infrastructures or workflows, adapting as they reap the benefits of machine learning. It’s this power that Clickatell Touch brings to businesses, enabling and empowering instant and always-on communication channels.

Efficiency is only a simple installation away

Touch is designed for rapid, lightweight deployment with low maintenance and operational costs. The technology has no additional in-house software or hardware requirements. Clickatell Touch integration requires a one-time, upon-installation charge. There is no upfront capital investment and the service accommodates unlimited seats, chat streams, and analytics with monthly per-active-customer pricing.

The revolutionary product is certainly a win for business-customer communication and interested parties can read more about it on our product page.

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