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How will Chat Desk benefit my customers?

Social media, instant messaging platforms and chat apps have changed the rules of engagement. Customers expect fast support and live chat customer service across multiple channels, and the wait time for queries to be processed by sales staff, customer service and social media teams can lead to a loss of customers and business.

Chat Desk is a live chat tool that enables you to unify your response teams across inbound channels for consistent, real-time messaging and on-demand customer service delivery.

Benefits include:

  • Increased customer engagement - reach more customers, and serve multiple customers simultaneously

  • Improved customer experiences - resolve customer queries in minutes by enabling customers to communicate with live agents on their favorite chat apps

  • Reduced call center volumes and costs - decrease the number of incoming calls and email queries by supporting customers efficiently and effectively on chat channels

  • Streamlined support and increased sales

  • Optimized cross- and up-selling efforts by leveraging rich media​


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