How businesses can benefit from artificial intelligence

How does AI help businesses

Many are calling artificial intelligence (AI) technologies’ relatively recent boom software’s second coming. Yet, despite major developments since the AI winter of the late 21st century, AI technologies are still struggling to break into business processes. Here are a few reasons why artificial intelligence should be adopted into the workplace.

Virtual assistance

Imagine the logistics behind a major international airline like Emirates. They’re interacting with literally hundreds of thousands of people every day – across social media and the real-time market. The sheer volume makes customer relationship management critical to their business model.

And that’s where artificial intelligence can step in. Chatbots and intelligent systems can be Emirates’ always-on connection to their markets. Should a customer’s flight be delayed, there can be systems in place that connect with said customer, keeping them updated on schedules, and referring them to new information as it happens, with personalized notifications. Chatbots can respond to customer queries, regardless of what time it is. This can only have a positive impact on the overall brand momentum.

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Generating business and market insights

Data can be considered ‘the new oil’, as it’s the raw material of the digital economy. But much like oil remains useless without specialized machinery to extract and process it, so data remains useless, trapped in vast cloud databases. Artificial intelligence can help businesses mine for the unique ‘gems’ found in these databases, processing billions of data points in a matter of minutes. And the best part is that AI isn’t static. It learns and adapts. These insights can be fed back to the business to better its processes.

Systems automation

Since the industrial revolution, the rise of technology has gone hand in hand with the automation of work. From tractors, to automated hotel bookings and advanced robots working in manufacturing factories, the theme remains constant. As far as the introduction of artificial intelligence is concerned, the only difference is where it works. There’s a growing trend towards the automation of routine work. Artificial intelligence is quickly automating routine processes, the same way industrial era machines automated physical labor. Not only are these technologies extremely capable, but they also don’t require coffee, lunch, or smoke breaks.

Every business manager, entrepreneur, and business decision-maker should look into the benefits that artificial intelligence can offer them in their commercial endeavors. Be sure to read our blog post on how AI creates business solutions.

Clickatell Touch

Clickatell has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence chatbots to create Clickatell Touch – the next evolution chat-based solution for business to consumer communications.

Clickatell Touch combines online chat and bot-driven interactions (including the benefits of machine learning), with workflow automation, through its proprietary Touch-card technology. Read more about Clickatell Touch or watch this video to see it in action.

As technologies continue to develop, the bandwagon is only going to get faster and more streamlined. Best you jump on soonest.

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