Artificial intelligence and what it means for your business

What AI means for your business

What is artificial intelligence?

Simply put, AI is a subfield of computer science. As Computer World points out, the goal of AI researchers is “to enable the development of computers that are able to do things normally done by people – in particular, things associated with people acting intelligently.”

Many people only know about AI because of science-fiction films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator or The Matrix. Here, due to the known capabilities of computers, humanity is either defeated or overtaken by their own creation. If intelligence is what makes humans number one, but we create machines that are more intelligent, doesn’t that mean we’re in danger?

The reality is far more mundane. AI is merely an aspect of technological progress, aimed at benefitting us in terms of making our tech more efficient. Indeed, as many researchers have pointed out, what many so easily label “AI” is nothing more than the conclusion of smarter, faster computing abilities. In summary, says tech reporter Joshua Rivera: “copying biology is really damn hard.”

What you need to consider, of course, is artificial intelligence applications. Technological progress is a great endeavor, but it must be practical for the ordinary user.

How can we use AI?

As Bloomberg reported, 2015 was an incredible year for AI. Google was on the cover of scientific journal Nature with a system able to learn to play and master old Atari games without directions. Atari was a famous, old video game system and each game had different rules and ways to play. This, traditionally, would require enormous amounts of input from engineers to work – but with AI, the system could learn by itself.

Even Facebook has taken artificial intelligence seriously and when Facebook begins looking at new technology, other businesses must take note. Facebook “built a way to let computers describe images to blind people.” Making technology accessible is an excellent way to benefit your business, as it broadens your client base and considers people who are so often ignored by progress.

There is also a new Skype system that automatically translates one language to another. Overcoming language barriers is a massive benefit to any business since this means being able to operate in any region and appeal to anyone.

Each aspect is beneficial in its own way, thus showing precisely what artificial intelligence applications can do for people. For business people, AI must be considered as a way to benefit companies and practice.

AI will continue to be a hot topic for everyone. Staying ahead of its development is highly recommended for anyone wanting to benefit their business. To get the latest news on AI and what it means for business, follow Clickatell on Twitter as we continue to share and discuss this fascinating, important topic.

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