08 February 2011

8ta selects Clickatell as first SMS aggregator to connect to its mobile network

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8ta choose Clickatell as SMS aggregator

Clickatell's expanding global and South African presence demonstrates its success as the leader in PPM through all mobile devices, enabling simpler, faster and more verifiable delivery of high-value, just-in-time, individualized communications and associated mobile transactional services.

Launched in October 2010, 8ta uses state-of-the-art radio access network, core and IT technology to deliver products that are of high value, simple to use and of superb quality. The partnership with Clickatell will allow 8ta customers to receive PPM messages such as transactional alerts and validations, business advisories, consumer/student notifications, order verifications, emergency alerts, news bulletins, promotional offers and booking, and appointment confirmations.

As the world's largest provider of PPM services, Clickatell has provided customers with real-time, priority alert messaging through its Secure Enterprise Mobile Messaging Gateway since 2000. Clickatell works globally to provide applications that help brands increase customer contact and conversation, form social communities, motivate and reward buying or referral behavior, deliver just-in-time deals and incentives, as well as prompt usage, consumption or purchase. Additionally, organizations tap Clickatell for programs that assist partners and employees with process or operational improvement, cost reduction initiatives, disaster avoidance, emergency management and a host of other mission-critical goals.

"Clickatell is the leader in global SMS reach, and our partnership with 8ta is continued evidence that when it comes to Personal Priority Messaging (PPM) enablement, the competition has plenty of catching up to do. We continue to have the best global coverage for mobile text," said Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell. "It is an amazing realization that within a few minutes of creating an account at Clickatell.com, users can be reaching customers on their mobile phone in any of 220 countries, equating to a potential audience of more than five billion."

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