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11 September 2020
The South Africans Who Have Taken the Global Tech Industry by Storm

The South Africans who have taken the global tech industry by storm. Pieter de Villiers is the co-founder and CEO of...

11 September 2020
Flexibility in Finance

How agile banking services are coping with the Covid-19 crisis. What is clear is that the financial industry in SA was...

06 July 2020
Tech Giants That Reinvented Themselves to Stay Afloat During the World's 'New Normal'

SA’s mobile communication company Clickatell has introduced an Automated FAQ Response...

19 June 2020
To Chat or to Have a Conversation

“Chat enables us to be direct and authentic and has morphed into something that does not really look like human...

19 June 2020
The Versatility of Chat as a Commerce Channel

By far the most popular and most versatile way of interacting with a digital world is through chat applications using a...

19 June 2020
Managing Fraud Through Chat is Better for Businesses and Users

Banks and their users are increasingly realizing that using chat platforms to manage and mitigate fraud offers them...

19 June 2020
Innovative Primary Health Service on WhatsApp Costs Below R95pm

Providing a health care service on WhatsApp is a groundbreaking solution that provides quick diagnosis, solves the...

08 May 2020
Clickatell Introduces FAQ Response Solution to Help Businesses with High Call Volumes

Clickatell’s new Automated FAQ Response solution aims to aid many businesses that experience high call volumes during...

08 May 2020
Clickatell Releases Automated FAQ Response Solution on WhatsApp

Clickatell's announcement of its new Automated FAQ Response solution comes as contact center operations struggle with...

08 May 2020
Clickatell Responds to Covid-19 with FAQ Response Solution

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Clickatell has announced a cost-effective response solution for businesses' contact...

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