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23 July 2021
Call Centers vs. Contact Centers: Understanding the Key Differences

Call centers and contact centers can serve as the front lines of your customer service and customer experience. Most...

09 July 2021
Eliminating Automation Obsession To Find Success With Chatbots

Ensure you have a seamless assisted chat handover to a human chat agent as part of your customer journey design. Human...

07 July 2021
Clickatell Closes Gap Between Assisted, Unassisted Chat

As a chat commerce pioneer, mobile communications provider Clickatell envisions a future in which consumers don’t...

06 July 2021
Building a better customer experience via chat with Clickatell, Podcast

Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer of Clickatell, joins us today to discuss the emerging trend of chat...

30 June 2021
Credit Unions Should Bank On Chat

The pandemic has driven more consumers than ever to bank by mobile app, and seven in 10 would use a chat app for...

28 June 2021
Chat Commerce Set to Disrupt E-Commerce and Other Emerging Trends

The rapid growth in e-commerce in South Africa during the Covid-19 lockdowns has highlighted the importance of digital...

22 June 2021
Social Media Ads, Chat Apps Pegged to Power Summer Sales

Recent research by chat commerce provider Clickatell shows a growing interest among consumers in using the chat apps...

22 June 2021
Millennials all about the chat when shopping

A hefty number, 82%, of U.S. millennials want to buy things via chat apps and 88% are already busy using the technology...

22 June 2021
Millennials Ready to Buy via Chat Apps

Younger Americans want to conduct online commerce through chat apps, the results of a new survey...

11 June 2021
MTN Launches Electronic Bank Transfers Through WhatsApp

"Consumers want to pay their preferred way, and less friction means less frustration; our customers and their own...

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