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Txt4Adherence: Staying healthy with SMS reminders

The Baylor International Paediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI) provides comprehensive care to HIV-infected infants and children. Its Txt4Adherence program in Botswana sends weekly SMS reminders to HIV-positive teens, motivating them to take their antiretroviral (ARV) medication on time.

As of 2012, almost 25% of the Botswana population has been infected with HIV/AIDS. Thanks to massive public health initiatives, ARV drugs are now provided free to children infected from birth. These youngsters will survive into adolescence and adulthood, provided that they take their medication regularly.

The stigma associated with being HIV-positive can make it difficult for teenagers to adhere to the strict ARV regimens they need to stay healthy. They are also under immense peer pressure to engage in risky, unhealthy behavior as they encounter the emotional upheavals of their first romantic and sexual relationships. By sending scheduled SMS reminders to the teens, Txt4Adherence helps to establish the essential habit of taking the medication on time, every time. In addition to the SMS reminders, Txt4Adherence also sends inspirational messages to encourage the teenagers to live positively and to seek out more information about sexual health. By giving HIV-positive teenagers hope for a bright future, the Txt4Adherence project is proving the positive impact that mobile technology can have on developing communities. Clickatell's SMS reminders are used in various industries to keep customers informed and improve customer experience.

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