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Getting creative with bulk SMS messaging in your industry

Creative SMS marketing

In a fast-paced society, the need for a simple yet effective communication tool is vital to the growth and sustainability of any business. So whether you're an operations manager for a national insurance agency or a guest relations officer for an esteemed city hotel, having a portal through which you can communicate and market your products or services to your employees, suppliers, and customers, will determine the success of your marketing campaigns and ultimately, your overall revenue. SMS is this communication tool. Whether you want to send reminders to your employees about birthdays, a bulk SMS notifying your customers about promotional offers or alerts to your suppliers regarding prescheduled deliveries, an easy-to-use SMS messaging solution will transform (and simplify) how you communicate with your network.

Here are just some of the ways SMS messaging can benefit different industries

Travel and Hospitality

Within the travel and hospitality industry, SMS messaging can serve as a cost-effective solution for coordinating changes to the schedules of guests and travelers, confirm bookings and alert customers of any delays or complications with reservations.


When it comes to the healthcare industry, SMS messaging can be used to deploy services remotely, personalize care, promote healthier lifestyles and offer substantial cost savings to the overall industry.


For organizations with lofty messaging requirements, SMS messaging offers an extremely flexible, dependable, and scalable messaging platform that is supported by devoted technical account managers and assures reliable delivery of mission-critical messages.


Not only is an SMS more personal than an email, but it also has a higher direct response rate (26%) than telemarketing (10.4%), email (6.6%) and direct mail (3.4%). This makes SMS messaging solutions the ultimate gateway for marketing campaigns and promotions for organizations within the marketing industry.

IT / Software

Within the IT and software industry, SMS messaging is used as an invaluable solution for notifying employees when the status of a system has changed and to create customized messaging services and products.

Call Centers

For telesales, SMS messaging offers a cost-effective and convenient platform from which call centers can service request updates, appointments or payment reminders to customers, and push information requests.


In government services, SMS messaging solutions can help improve disaster management (including damage and incident assessment) and service delivery communication.

Banking and Finance

For banking and financial institutions, SMS messaging solutions are used to reduce cost-to-serve customers with opportune service notifications and payment reminders, as well as to reduce fraud and theft through OTP (one-time-password) authentication and real-time fraud and transaction alerts.


When used correctly in the insurance industry, SMS messaging can help organizations provide better service to their customers and achieve maximum returns on investments.

NGO / Aid

SMS messaging is instrumental in ensuring local and national governments and private organizations within the NGO and emergency aid industry are able to send instant information alerts in order to communicate and connect people with their services when the need arises.


For businesses and organizations within the eCommerce industry, SMS messaging helps to connect buyers and sellers, enhance customer relationship management (CRM) programs, and provide cost-effective and timely mobile alerts.


SMS messaging within educational institutions can help ensure a safe learning environment for students and their families, and help improve the processes in place.

Retail / Consumer

In the retail and consumer industry, SMS messaging solutions can be used by retail organizations as an internal tool to monitor the progress of product shipping and manufacturing, to organize the timeous collection of goods, and to alert customers about the status of orders.

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