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How to Set Up FAQ Automation on WhatsApp

Imagine turning your contact center into one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and most loved customer touchpoints in your organization?

You can—by making WhatsApp a key part of your customer communication path and seamlessly weaving together intelligent automation and human-agent interactions. Here’s how.

Eliminate costly repetition. Repeat.

Up to 80 percent of incoming calls involve questions or issues that have been reported by and solved for other customers. Another study found that agents only answer their questions 50 percent of the time. While the actual numbers vary for your contact center, enabling an experience where your most frequently asked questions are answered immediately, automatically, and consistently in a trusted channel like WhatsApp is one of the most effective, and cost-effective, ways to enhance your customer experience.

When done right, not only do customers not mind the inclusion of automated responses in WhatsApp, they appreciate the time they save, the ability to get answers any time and from any location and device—without having to deal with an IVR, sit on hold, or wait for a response via email or callback. The best solution is a combination of automated bot interaction, coupled with the option to connect to a live agent should the customer wish to do so. With technologies like call deflection the client can request an agent to phone them from the WhatApp menu and Clickatell’s orchestration engine, Flow, will add the call to a contact center queue which will then trigger an outbound call for the agent.

Introducing the Clickatell Touch Platform

Built to help you easily meet the needs of today’s instant-answer, chat-loving customer, Clickatell Touch is a no-code solution that enables you to pull together and push out an automated FAQ process to your customer base in just a few hours.

Clickatell Touch Flow

Our intuitive orchestration engine lets anyone in your organization jump in and designs your customer assistance path—with no technical or coding experience needed. Clickatell Flow is an easy way to implement a bot-based FAQ experience. Touch Flow also enables companies to integrate backend service to offer personalized and client-specific content to the end-user.

Clickatell Chat Desk lets you easily bring human interaction into the experience. With Chat Desk, your customers can connect with a live agent right from WhatsApp if they aren’t getting what they need from your automated answers. This delivers not only the ideal experience for the customer, but also enables any brand to have live agent support at their fingertips.

Together, Clickatell Flow + Clickatell Chat Desk gives your enterprise a complete end-to-end contact center solution that delivers what your customer wants and needs—in a way that’s easy to set up, maintain, and update.

Create and deploy flows and interactions once and distribute across multiple channels

Use drag and drop functionality to build your business logic and interactions once for WhatsApp. Want to branch out to other channels Facebook Messenger, Google My Business Messaging (coming soon)? No problem. You can easily apply new channels in just a few steps to take advantage of the functionality nuances inherent in each channel.

Speed up your time to market

No tech or code knowledge needed. Within a few hours, any business user in your organization can design the flow of your FAQ experience for WhatsApp, and deploy it with the click of a button. Want something custom or to integrate backend systems? Clickatell also provides professional services to assist

Rely on Natural Language Processing (Agent Assist)

Advanced natural language processing in Chat Desk recognizes the way we humans speak to connect your customer to the right information. When your customer types, “I want to return something,” Chat Desk uses the relevant works to create context and provides the contact center agent with suggested responses that they can then edit and customize accordingly before sending.

Create an escalation process

Including an option to connect to one of your live agents puts user experience at the forefront—and gives the customer a clear path to resolution. At Clickatell, we are all for enabling great user experience, and when a client cannot find what they want on the FAQ section you can seamlessly enable them to connect with a live agent via WhatsApp. Regardless of requirements, it is by far the best customer experience—and one that lets you leverage the significant expertise of your contact center staff.

Leverage your existing tech stack

Clickatell Flow and Clickatell Chat Desk give your seamless end-to-end solution that is as easy to use as it is to implement. However, if you’ve already invested in an orchestration engine or agent desk, they seamlessly work and co-exist with your existing tech stack.

With so much riding on the customer experience today, successful companies can’t afford to delight their customer at every turn. The great part? It’s actually very win-win, enabling the customer to access what they want in the quickest and simplest way—while at the same time freeing up the most expensive aspect of your contact center, your live agents, to focus in on the more involved and unique situations that demand human interaction.

Want to find out more? Curious about how automating responses to your company’s most FAQ? Find out more here. 

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