New On-Demand Webinar The State of Billing and Payment Experiences

On Sept 23, 2021 we recorded a can’t-miss webinar for brands wanting to deliver the customer experiences today’s customers want—and have come to expect—with chat commerce.

Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Clickatell, and guest speaker Lily Varon, Senior Analyst at Forrester, talk about the seismic shift that’s upending the world of digital commerce—and how to ready your enterprise to take advantage.

See  why the customer of today looks very different than the customer of just 18 months ago—and how you can use their changing mindset to your brand’s advantage. Find out how you can give customers the gift they want this holiday season: a better experience with your brand. Learn how you can take steps right now, no matter where your company is at in its chat journey, to wow your customers and strengthen loyalty.

Here are just a few of the key insights:

Perhaps the most important is this: your customers aren’t likely who you think they are. There have been significant shifts happening over the past few years, and the pandemic only accelerated the pace of these changes. What’s changed?

Willingness to experiment

Customers are much more willing to experiment with new brands and products than ever before. In fact, not only are customers willing to try new things, they expect it from brands they trust and love.

Enhanced expectations

Customer experience expectations are now set by the best experience they have had anywhere—not just with your competitors or in your industry. When customer experiences get better somewhere, anywhere, that elevates the bar for your brand and every brand.

Digital and physical integration

Curbside pickup, pick up at a store, pick up at a locker, pickup at another store or location—it all increased the need for companies to deliver accurate and easy-to-understand inventory information, ordering information, and clear directions and communications around pickup processes and what to do if there’s a problem.

Add into this an explosion of devices (the average customer uses 5 regularly), an increased savviness when it comes to researching and shopping online, and the fact that empowerment that can quickly escalate to annoyance when expectations aren’t met. Expectations are higher than ever, and the landscape more complex.

Enter chat commerce

The good news? There is a way to cut through all the complexity, one that’s not only deepens the customer’s relationship with your brand, but also helps streamline your customer service: chat commerce.

Chat commerce takes your business’ services and payments to the chat apps your customer know— and spend over three-quarters of their time using. And it’s not just younger customers, a full 80% of adults use messaging apps and anticipate increasing their usage of them in the future. This alone makes it an attractive channel for brands wanting to deepen the relationship with their customers.

But, it’s just the start. Chat is an ideal channel to execute the complete ecosystem of a customer relationship: from initial inquiries and self-service, to placing orders, making payments, tracking delivery or returns, engaging with a live agent (when that’s the best way to resolve an issue), to getting feedback on how your brand did. It’s all not only feasible, but simple and enjoyable for the customer, using chat. It can be done on their time: a customer can start a chat, and then continue it at a later point, without losing context. And it’s all done in the same window where they communicate with Mom.

The simple way to streamline

Getting started is remarkably simple for your brand too. Companies like Clickatell take the inherent complexity that used to be inherent in venturing into a new channel—CRM, OMS, ERP, Billing, Fraud, KYC—and orchestrate them against the backend systems of your brand. The result is that chat commerce is easy for even a non-technical business user to design, test, deploy, and refine.

You can start where you’re at and build into more complex use cases over time. Even something as simple as automating your 10 most frequent customer queries or offering the customer the option to press 1 to switch over to chat instead of sitting on hold, can make a big impact on your customer—and take pressure off your customer service team. A full 80% of customer interactions can be resolved by automation and engagement over chat. Offering chat commerce to your customers is a win-win all around.

Your customer is ready, more than ready, for chat commerce. Watch this webinar to find out how you can take advantage to deliver the wow experience they’ve come to expect.


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