Top 5 Benefits of Promoting your Business with WhatsApp

Chat apps have become an extremely popular way for people to communicate. About 71% of consumers use chat apps daily, with WhatsApp being the third-most popular option, behind only Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage. This messaging platforms’ capability of personalization, paired with its 5 million business users, makes for an appealing opportunity for brands who want to target consumers through the WhatsApp Business Platform.

So, what can WhatsApp business do for your company? Here are five key benefits of promoting your brand through WhatsApp and turning it into a successful marketing strategy.

WhatsApp Marketing Can Reach Consumers All Over the World

Making WhatsApp a part of your marketing strategy allows you to connect with consumers in countries all over the world. The communications app has about 2 billion active users. Perhaps more importantly, those users live in diverse countries, making it a potential key player for impactful digital strategies for all industries, from financial services to e-commerce to retail and more!

Countries with large populations of WhatsApp users include:

•           India – 390.1 million users

•           Brazil – 108.4 million users

•           United States – 75.1 million users

•           Indonesia – 68.8 million users

•           Russia – 64.7 million users

•           Mexico – 62.3 million users

•           Germany – 48.3 million users

•           Italy – 35.5 million users

Whether you want to reach consumers in Asia, Europe, North America, or South America, the Clickatell WhatsApp Business Platform can help. The possibilities are endless, and so is the reach!

WhatsApp Business Has an Easy-to-Use UI

WhatsApp Business has a user interface (UI) that practically anyone can learn within minutes. The UI makes it simple for marketing strategy professionals to:

·        Create business profiles.

·        Add automatic greetings, quick replies, and other interactive business messages.

·        Label contacts.

·        View message statistics.

By automating and simplifying communications with a straightforward UI, you can spend more time honing your marketing efforts and finding the perfect target audience for each of your products and services.

You and Customers Benefit from Excellent Security

Users appreciate and value WhatsApp because of its end-to-end encryption, meaning that only the sender and recipient can read the messages in their chat. Everyone can also ensure that they are reaping the security advantages of WhatsApp by checking and adjusting their settings.

You can find plenty of apps that make marketing extremely easy, but they often lack the basic security features that make consumers feel safe interacting with brands, placing orders, and receiving notifications. By using WhatsApp for your business, you can enhance your entire customer journey experience, while having the security features within the app protect both your business and your clients.

WhatsApp Business Makes It Easy to Share Images and Documents

Pictures really are worth more than a thousand words! Some interactions between your business and customers require more than just text-based communications. Consumers often want to see products before they commit to buying them. A text description simply isn’t enough to tell someone whether they will like a shirt, piece of art, computer, or practically any other item. No one wants to buy something they cannot visualize, regardless of the price.

WhatsApp Business shares images and documents as easily as it communicates text-based messages. That way, you can promote products more effectively. When customers want additional information, you can send them documents that explain every feature that comes with your product or service, making the consumer journey more convenient than ever before. This allows your customers to go from browsing to buying without ever having to leave WhatsApp!

You Can Save Money Using WhatsApp's Free Service

WhatsApp Business looks and feels like the regular version of WhatsApp. However, it does offer some additional features that businesses find useful, such as business profiles and labels that make it easier to organize and locate chats.

Despite the extra features, WhatsApp Business costs the same to use as the consumer version of WhatsApp. In other words, it’s completely free. What could be better than that? 

Potential Disadvantages of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Business has a lot of advantages that can make your marketing strategy more effective. The app is far from a perfect solution, though. When you use WhatsApp Business, you might find yourself being frustrated by its:

•           Lack of structure.

•           Excessive noise and clutter that can interfere with effective communications.

•           Manual approach to tracking down old posts.

Unfortunately, you might also discover that WhatsApp doesn’t have all the features that your specific business needs, but where the customers go, we go!

To send your consumers a variety of promotions, offer accessible customer service options, or increase visibility, WhatsApp is an amazing tool for businesses. However, simply using a WhatsApp business account will limit your capabilities in terms of scaling your marketing strategy. WhatsApp only allows for a limited amount of marketing to be done, as it does not claim to be made for marketing as a platform. What your business can do is integrate Clickatell’s WhatsApp Business Platform to fully experience a scaled marketing strategy that includes templated business messages, expanded scalability, a verified business account, and more!

Enhance the Benefits of WhatsApp Business by Integrating with Clickatell

Leverage the advantages of the WhatsApp Business Platform by integrating it with Clickatell’s API. Meet your customers where they already are, in WhatsApp! You will have a more effective way to engage in meaningful conversations with your customers, while simultaneously optimizing your team’s productivity and improving your customer service quality. You can also use the integration to share videos, images, documents, text, locations, and transactions. Interactive buttons let customers receive automatic responses to their questions and orders. Suddenly, the potential downsides of WhatsApp Business fade, the advantages skyrocket, and you’ve seamlessly enhanced your customer experience and digital strategy.

Connect with Clickatell today. Learn how to get started with the WhatsApp Business Platform so your brand can elevate its digital strategy! Talk to our team to learn more.


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