5 Future technology trends that’ll define 2017

Biggest tech trends of the future

Technological development disrupts nearly every part of our daily lives. Smartphones connect us to the world and make sure that nowhere is too isolated. The IoT is connecting all the dots in between as it seeks to integrate systems – the future may see us turning on our lights or ordering food with simple voice commands. Robot advisors are telling us how and when to invest our money, making stock markets more accessible than ever. And in 2017, the list of innovative trends will continue to grow. Here are 5 future technology trends that we can look forward to over the next 10 to 12 months.

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Smart devices will actually be smart

Machine learning will finally bring the word ‘smart’ across our devices to bear. Devices such as phones, watches, and home appliances have had limited levels of ‘intelligence’, but 2017 will see them take another big leap in building reactive systems – that is, systems within the device that allow the device to react differently after learning.

AI such as Siri or OK Google paved the way to make them truly ‘smart’ and we can certainly expect acute development in this regard in 2017. Systems like our home lighting will become better at conserving electricity as they adapt to how we live and spend time around the house.

The market will be ready for virtual reality and augmented reality

2016 saw some major advances in the cases of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Oculus Rift was released to much fanfare and thousands and VR apps and copycats followed. We also saw the chaotic positivity that Pokémon Go brought to streets around the world. The AR game exploded with more than 100 million downloads and $10 million in daily revenue. It’s clear that the market will welcome whatever innovation AR and VR gifts in 2017.

Cyber security will step up its game

Security is an ever-present challenge for future technology trends to overcome. The proliferation and adoption rate of the IoT makes it a good target for cyber criminals. Developers are realizing this and working towards hard-line solutions. 2017 will see IoT devices become agile, fluid and adaptive. Building stronger security into the devices at the early stages of development will help. Multiple level security measures will become the order of the day and a lot of investment will go into protecting the integrity of the devices and their operating systems.

Humanized big data

Big data has been a marketing buzzword for the last five years. The idea behind it is that vast quantities of gathered data can be used to enhance, develop and shape the future of the way we live, work and interact – everything from planning new medical treatments to working out the execution of a marketing campaign. The challenge with big data is that its greatest strength – its quantitative and numerical foundation – is also a major weakness. It’s been criticized as being too far removed from the personal customer. In 2017, expect that to change. Marketers are realizing the value of personalized big data. Future technology trends will see data in 2017 be more quantitative, visual and accessible than ever before. And that’s bound to allow marketers to use it more effectively to connect with their markets.

Brands need to be on-demand while keeping up with future technology trends

Brands like Uber have set a precedent. Every second tech startup seems to the “The Uber of _____”. Customers are now used to having everything on demand through their phones. And in 2017, this trend is only going to get stronger. From rides to food deliveries to accommodation, online on-demand apps will move into the even stronger territory.


While making predictions about future technology trends may seem like an exercise in futility, it pays to forecast imminent innovations or developments. From a business perspective, it allows marketers to plan their campaigns and budgets. And, with all the possibility that’s on offer, it’s also really just quite fun to think about what the future holds. It’s not lost on us that future tech trends present an opportunity for new security threats. If you’re interested in where cybersecurity is moving, then read our latest article on how to protect your business.

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