You need to include AI in your bulk SMS marketing strategies

AI SMS marketing

So, you want to start using bulk SMS marketing strategies in your business, but you want to be better than your competition? There are numerous ways you could do this, such as using an omnichannel approach or automating promotional SMS messages during peak holiday times.

However, there is another innovative way to make your bulk SMS marketing strategy unique: the inclusion of artificial intelligence. AI can be used to analyze and use customer data to craft personalized promotional texts. If you want to put your SMS marketing strategy ahead of others, be sure that you use AI as a part of it.

Smart communication

Chatbots and AI are part of the evolution of communication, and AI has filtered into bulk SMS marketing strategies over the past few years. This smart communication has resulted in efficient communication ideas, such as sending confirmation SMS messages from banks, delivery companies, and retail stores.

In the future, we could even see chatbots being used in these bulk SMS marketing messages, as customers interact with a chatbot until they need the services of a salesperson. Smart communication is an effective tool for smart marketing strategies.

It allows for convenient integration

It can take hours and a significant amount of money to reach out to thousands of people at a time with your marketing message. However, if you choose to use AI in your bulk SMS marketing strategy, your time and money are reduced significantly.

You can use AI to run your marketing campaign, once your team has devised one, or you can use it to craft transactional messages to existing clients. These messages could include details of a customer’s bank account balance or their existing loyalty points with your company. Once the AI is integrated, you can use it to handle SMS responses and send replies to customers based on their responses to the text messages.

Customers can interact with the company

Customers today expect to have a fully personalized experience. Part of this means being able to interact with your company, which is where AI comes into your bulk SMS marketing strategy. It enables you to craft a campaign that allows customers to interact with the company in real-time.

As mentioned earlier, transactional SMSes are a fantastic way to use AI in your SMS marketing, as they give consumers the impression that they are interacting directly with your company. You can set up automated responses to the actions that customers take and use their data (if they have given permission for you to do so) to personalize the messages. Allowing customers to interact with your company, however indirectly, will help to build brand loyalty and return customers.

How to use AI in your bulk SMS marketing strategy

Now that you know why AI should be included in your marketing strategy, you’ll need to know how to do it. You can use it in a variety of ways to improve the customer experience that you are providing for your current and potential customers. Here are some ideas on how to use AI in your bulk SMS marketing strategy.

Notify customers to keep them updated

Say you use AI to analyze customer data, such as what interactions they had on your website, which pages they visited, and whether or not they signed up for your newsletter. With this data, you can notify them with personalized updates regarding your business, such as holiday sales, a change of hours during a certain time of year or sending them a shipping notification updating them on a product they purchased.

Make them interactive

Your SMS messages should not be boring and outdated but should rather allow your customers to interact with your brand, even on such a simple platform. You can send out verification messages that allow them the option to reply with a 'yes' or 'no' answer, with an automated chatbot sending relevant responses to make the experience a personalized one. You can also send out polls that allow customers to answer or ask a question.

Integrate it with subscriptions

If you have an email subscription form on your website, you can ask customers to enter their cell phone number on this form. This will allow you to not only send them promotional emails or newsletters but also tailored SMS messages containing relevant content in order to improve their subscription experience. For example, using the data gathered by your AI you could send an email newsletter about your latest winter trends, and send out an SMS at the same time with a promotion that is relevant to their previous purchases.

AI for improved customer experience

By using AI in your bulk SMS marketing strategy, you’ll find that communication is smarter, integration is more convenient, and your customers can interact with you on a more efficient level. All of these elements come together to create an improved customer experience, which can lead to more conversions and sales. If you want to find out more about why this marketing strategy is right for your business, read our recent article on bulk SMS marketing for some advice.


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