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The benefits of SMS marketing for businesses

Benefits of SMS marketing

The status of SMS Messaging

Consistently, studies have found SMS – whether sent between individuals or via bulk SMS – are almost guaranteed to be read. Today, you’re already flooded with information and various media bleeping for your attention. Knowing that SMS messages will actually be read is massively advantageous. The proof is in the data.

One of the most extensive studies was done in 2013. Data gathered from 1,500 networks, across 42 mobile operating systems and many countries found that SMS messages received a response within the first 15 minutes. This occurred in nearly 60% of the time.

There’s more. Product marketing manager at Adobe, Mickael Bentz, notes that: “Email open rates are great at 20-30 percent. But according to a Dynmark report, SMS blows that away at 98 percent open rate! In fact, 90 percent are read within 3 seconds.”

This is thanks to two powerful reasons: first, the constraints of SMS force the messages to be short and, second, connectivity to the internet is not a requirement. Almost all other forms of media have no constraint on their content and require people to be online in order to receive it.

Why SMS marketing?

The benefits of SMS marketing over other forms of messaging are primarily due to being read and engaged with. With so much media fighting for a person’s attention, there’s no guarantee all the resources, time and effort that goes into creating, say, a slick, beautiful design will pay off. People skip ads, close windows and ignore emails all the time.

Whether it’s individual or marketing material, the brevity and simplicity of SMS make it ideal for both businesses and customers. For businesses, it means simplifying a message, refining what must be conveyed and knowing there’s a high chance people will read the message. The constraints of SMS are not limitations but guarantee they’ll be read. Before customers even have time to decide whether to delete or keep an SMS, they’ve already consumed its content!

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