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9 Ways to use social media management to grow your business

Growing your business using social media

Using the power of proper social media management to grow your business is a must. There are a number of tips any business owner or worker and entrepreneur can use to grow their business, from posting consistently to optimizing content to suit the relevant platform, and so much more.

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Get to know your market

The first rule for growing your business using social media management is to get to know your customers. The clearer you are about your target demographic, the better you’ll be armed with the knowledge needed to appeal to your customers.

Develop a social media management strategy

Building a popular social media strategy takes work and planning. You need to know what type of content you’ll post and how often. You’ll also need to be certain about whether you’ll use ads or influencers.

Post regularly and consistently

The key to gaining a loyal following online is to post consistently. If your customers know you post daily at a certain time, they will begin to expect that. They'll look forward to seeing your post with their morning coffee or afternoon tea. Once you’re not posting at those times, they’ll notice and move their attention elsewhere.

Don’t use all social networks

This can be a somewhat controversial point. There are many who feel all platforms should be used. But if you’re not going to post good content regularly, there’s little point. All you’ll do is embarrass yourself and your brand by having a platform that you last posted to three years ago.

Emphasize the networks which are showing results

If you’ve noticed your Twitter page is growing consistently while your Facebook page is stagnant, you should emphasize the importance of growing that network. This means you’ll be posting there regularly and putting any budget you have into your Twitter page.

Ensure your content speaks to your brand’s tone and identity

Your brand’s tone should be very specific. Either you’re serious, lighthearted or somewhere in between. The point is, that’s your tone and you don’t stray from it. The former won’t post funny memes but the latter might. Your posts should be consistent with your messaging across platforms, including your website and any printed materials you might have in store.

There's some content which won’t be popular but is important

Press releases, company news, job openings, and business events probably won’t receive too much engagement. But this is the type of content that’s important to be posted.

Use social media to emphasize all of your marketing efforts

If you’re advertising promotion in-store, it’s important that this message carries over on your social media platforms. Otherwise, your marketing efforts won’t be consistent. This should be part of your customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. CRM is all about collecting customer data, improving relationships and driving sales. And why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Have a strategy for responding to queries

Many people are choosing to ask questions of business over social media rather than make direct contact. It’s important that you know how often your page will be checked and how these queries will be responded to. For instance, some queries are better completed in the privacy of your inbox rather than the public space of a timeline.

If you’d like more tips for getting your social media strategy right, have a look at our recent article. It details why it’s important for businesses to have a solid social media management plan in place and why it can impact your CRM positively.

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