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Why your Business Needs to Improve Mobile Marketing to Australian Customers

Mobile marketing in Australia

Recent research shows Australians want to see an improvement in local mobile marketing, with old customer communication tactics making a comeback.

Multiple reports show that Australian customers’ trust in mobile marketing is grim - from in-game and in-app ads to QR codes and mobile banner adverts, marketing efforts need to be reassessed. Customers everywhere are ready to invest in ad-blocking technology, even if it means paying out of their own pockets.

The level of advertising interruptions is becoming more and more intrusive and some customers want out. With ad blockers in the mix, businesses need to reevaluate their approach and start sharpening other mobile marketing efforts.

This presents an opportunity for businesses to learn a few lessons and tricks to improve their approach to mobile marketing and consider other tools, like SMS messaging, to enhance marketing efforts. Knowing how to market to a specific audience can seem daunting, but if you consider the numbers revealed below, the data speaks for itself. So, let’s unpack how businesses can ensure that their mobile marketing efforts in Australia don’t go wrong.

Data-informed marketing

According to the latest data from Adobe, 40 percent of residents in Australia and New Zealand think that very few of the product/service offers they receive are right for them.

This means that not only are businesses missing out on promoting their goods to customers, they’re also not tracking user-journeys to remarket to customers with specific products and services they’ve already liked or bought in the past.

Customers want messaging that’s relevant to them, personalized based on their likes and previous purchases, and not spammy communication that lacks intent. What better way to do so than to invest in the kind of tracking tools and data analysis expertise that can give you the answers you need in terms of what your customers want so that you can make informed marketing decisions?

Text is their number one choice

The study also revealed that the number one thing most Australian customers (69 percent) use their phones for was to text. That’s an exciting find when paired with the fact that there are expected to be 19.4 million Australians who own a phone at the end of this year.

So, what should your business do with this information?

Based on Adobe’s findings, SMS messaging seems to be a solid choice to communicate with Australian customers. With SMS, your business can cut through the noise and get straight to the point - whether it’s to send a coupon or event invite, share promotional information or remarket a blog post - SMS is a sure-fire way to connect with your customers.

The data says it all - your customers are mobile first and they love text messaging, so take this opportunity to send them short, strategic messages straight to their mobile phones.

They want to see more products

Consider that two out of every three Anzac residents say that their mobile phones are where they perform all retail browsing and buying, but 90 percent still want to view and feel a product before purchasing it. Since your marketing efforts will likely lead them somewhere digital, it’s crucial that your website is sleek and has a seamless user experience.

The stronger, more creative, and easy to navigate your website is, the more likely users are to shop, since they’re here to see more products after all!

Customers want to spend money on your business’ products or services, and with the right messaging there should be no reason why they wouldn’t. Remember to spend time crafting SMS messaging that works, implement tracking for more informed marketing, and improve your website for a slick user experience that will have customers coming back again and again!

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