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Taxi Please: Secure bookings with two-factor authentication

SMS 2fa bookings

The language barrier often makes it difficult for taxi drivers in Asia to communicate with their passengers. Professional application developers Imagine Room created Taxi Please to seamlessly connect passengers to taxi drivers at the click of a button.

A passenger in a foreign country can feel safe using the taxi booking app, thanks to the added security of two-factor authentication.

Taxi Please provides free booking and translation services, enabling passengers to give a driver additional instructions through the app or simply to call the driver directly. By calculating the passenger's current location and destination, the app will supply an estimate of the taxi's arrival time and the cost of the trip.

By removing the language barrier, Taxi Please has improved the efficiency and service of taxi associations across Asia. When signing up for the app, passengers are sent a unique one-time password via SMS, enabling them to complete the two-factor authentication process that assures them of the platform's security for added peace of mind.

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