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How do I pay or renew my short code, long number or other Clickatell subscriptions?

You can purchase subscriptions as part of the setup process when adding a new channel or product integrations. Short codes and long numbers can also be purchased from the My Workspace page in your portal.

Payments can only be made once your billing details have been completed successfully and you have set up a payment method. If you haven’t set up your billing details or payment method, you can do so on the Billing Details page in the portal.

To manage and renew your subscriptions, navigate to 'My Purchases'.

Long numbers and short code subscriptions are critical to keeping two-way services running, therefore it's important to keep subscriptions active. We will notify you when your subscriptions near their expiry date as a reminder to renew them. You can also enable auto-renewal of your subscriptions to ensure that your subscriptions don't expire.


If you are currently using the old user portal:

You can pay for your subscriptions such as short codes and long numbers from the Subscriptions page in your account. You will only be able to make a payment once your billing details have been completed successfully. If you haven’t set up your billing details or payment method, you can complete it on the Billing details page within your Account settings.

If you have questions about switching to the new portal, see here or contact our support team.


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