Clickatell Ushers in a New-Generation Customer Portal

By Gavin Harvett, SVP Products at Clickatell

“Unity” is defined as the state of being united or joined as a whole. It was therefore an appropriate name to assign internally to a project with the objective of unifying access to all Clickatell has to offer via a modern customer-facing portal.

This month we are lifting the veil on the new Clickatell Portal, which is the result of many months of tireless planning, designing, development, and testing. With Clickatell’s growing product portfolio and an increasing number of supported messaging and chat channels, it was also important to design for future growth. The end result is a state-of-the-art, beautifully designed interface that will vastly simplify the user experience for businesses that wish to set themselves up for success in the chat economy.

Coincidentally, 2020 is also the year in which Clickatell celebrates its 20th anniversary and a year in which Covid-19 has meant that consumers rely more on chat than ever before to connect with the brands that they trust. The new Clickatell Portal is our anniversary gift to our customers, and our invitation to experience the power of having one place from where they manage their chat initiatives. With the new Clickatell Portal, we have unified access to all our communication and engagement products. This allows clients to explore, select, access, and manage everything in their Clickatell universe from one central place - making it easier for businesses to interact with their customers quickly and efficiently. In the coming months, we will be adding more channels and access to our commerce products.

The new Clickatell Portal goes further by providing access to a portal user guide, online tutorials, our developer knowledge base, FAQs, and other useful product information to make it easier for clients to know and understand what we have to offer. We have built the portal on a modern tech stack and it is underpinned by a content management system (CMS) that allows us to keep the content fresh and relevant without requiring software release cycles. Customers can also request assistance from our support team directly from the portal, and all account administration including billing and payment options are centralized in one place. Lastly, we have embedded analytics directly into the portal so that clients can visually see how their messaging and chat initiatives are being adopted by their end-users.

A project of this magnitude can only deliver a successful outcome through the diligent collaboration of many individuals. I would like to thank the core Unity project team as well as each and every individual who contributed to making the new Clickatell Portal something for Clickatell to be proud of and for our valued customers to derive much success from.

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