United States Text Messaging

The prevalence of mobile phones across the United States makes them the perfect tool to engage directly with your customers. Using Clickatell’s SMS Platform, businesses can share promotions, launch products, and secure transactions safely and reliably.

However, if you’re communicating with customers using text messaging in the United States, the law dictates that you must use two-way SMS numbers

Fortunately, Clickatell can assist! Through our SMS Platform you can either use an SMS long number or short code. Both options enable your business to engage in two-way communication with your customers, wherever they are, whenever you need.

Plus, there are no setup fees or hidden costs. All incoming SMS replies are free, so you only pay for your outbound SMS text messages.

Check out more of the cost savings you can enjoy with the United States SMS prices listed below.

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What two-way SMS options are available?

Number of SMS messagesStandard*Priority*Two-Way*
0 - 9,999
10,000 - 49,999
50,000 - 99,999
100,000 - 249,999
250,000 - 499,999
500,000 - 999,999
1,000,000+Contact SalesContact SalesN/A

* Price per SMS

Networks supported for United States

  • Airtel Wireless

  • Alltel Wireless

  • AT&T


  • Cellcom

  • Cleartalk

  • CTC Telecom

  • iWireless

  • Mobi PCS

  • MTA Wireless

  • Nextel

  • NEP Wireless

  • OTZ Telephone

  • Telaska Cellular

  • T-Mobile

  • US Cellular

  • Union Wireless

  • Verizon Wireless 

Terms & conditions

  • These prices are estimates only, and do not include VAT or other taxes. Actual prices are determined at the time you use the service, e.g., send a message.

  • The message prices shown above are the average prices per country and are indicative. The actual price you’ll pay is the price per operator, not the average message price per country as displayed.

  • We will bill you in either USD, EUR, INR, GBP, or ZAR (depending on where you are). For your convenience, you can choose to see this estimate in a different currency.

  • Please read our Payment Terms for more information on how billing works.

  • The offer is only valid for messages sent to the USA.

  • Clickatell reserves the right to end this promotion at any time, should market conditions change.

Please note there are regulations that apply to text messaging in the United States. These can be viewed here.