01 September 2009

Foreign exchange leader GFT deploys Clickatell to connect traders to fast-paced currency market prices using real-time SMS

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Global Forex Trading (GFT), a worldwide leader in online currency trading, is working with Clickatell to provide real-time SMS alerts to its network of registered traders serving ?120 countries. Traders using GFT's forex trading platform, DealBook® 360, can opt-in to receive text message alerts to be immediately informed of critical market news, analysis, commentary, changes in markets prices, deal-closure notifications, and order limit status, to help traders make informed decisions when seizing critical up-to-the-minute opportunities in this $4 trillion dollar per day market. GFT has more than 20,000 traders registered worldwide to receive SMS alerts and sends over 50,000 messages per day.

"As forex trading increasingly appeals to a greater retail sector, companies like GFT are working aggressively to provide tools and information that not only encourage a safe trading environment but also help traders maximize their returns. Our DealBook® suite of trading platforms is designed for trading online spread bets and spotting foreign exchange and contracts for differences," said Muhammad Rasoul, executive vice president and COO, GFT. "Clickatell has proven their ease of use and reliability, and our customers depend on receiving real-time critical data using Clickatell SMS to guide decisions, minimize potential risks and most of all, to profit," said Rasoul.

Forex trading is regarded as one of the world's main financial markets with a global daily average in turnover estimated at $3.98 trillion, concentrated mostly from London, New York and Japan. Euromoney's FX2009 report says foreign exchange is responsible for driving record profitability for institutions, despite the credit crunch that started 12 months ago. Another contributing factor to the exponential growth in turnover is the increase in a number of individual retail traders and institutions turning to forex trading to profit. Currency trading markets operate 24 hours a day and 5.5 days a week, where most retail traders have other jobs and hectic schedules. Mobility via SMS offers the perfect solution, giving traders flexibility and necessary communications to track markets, stay informed, trade, and ultimately profit.

"In 2008, 50% more trades took place via mobile than the previous year, and the market is expected to double again by 2011," said Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO. "Clickatell's expansive international network coverage and tested solutions allow traders the freedom of mobility and confidence that regardless of where they are, the critical data they need is within arm's reach. With SMS, they can make fast decisions, a critical factor in today's economic climate where traders would rather be safe than sorry."

About Global Forex Trading

GFT spurred the online currency trading modernization in the late 1990s in the U.S., when it built the DealBook® trading platform, reinventing the way speculators were trading currency futures on exchange. Today, GFT is one of the leaders of the industry in innovation with its award-winning trading platform, web-based trading applications, and mobile trading solutions. GFT is also spearheading a revolution in market education with its online currency portal FX360.com, its world-renowned currency research team and continued advancement of market-trading technology.

About Clickatell

We create a better world through technology, making commerce in chat accessible for everyone, everywhere. Consumers can now connect with brands to find goods and services, make purchases, track orders, and resolve issues with a simple text or chat. No need for cash, phone calls, in-person interactions, or apps. Founded in 2000 with now over 10,000 customers, Clickatell is powering the digital commerce transformation. Clickatell is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA and has offices in Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria (www.clickatell.com).

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