29 May 2007

Clickatell launches hassle-free variable cost SMS

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Variable Cost SMS Service Provider

Cape Town, South Africa -- Clickatell, Inc., the world's #1 global mobile messaging company, today announced the launch of a mobile terminated (MT) premium rate SMS service in South Africa. Unlike typical premium rate SMS services, which charge users for the messages they send, mobile terminated services charge according to messages received, allowing Clickatell's customers to offer a raft of flexible and creative messaging services from a single shortcode.

Currently offered by Vodacom and MTN in South Africa, mobile terminated services are used for subscription-based content. Because the networks offer these services in different ways, Clickatell provides an easy-to-use open interface for value-added service providers to access the networks and bill their customers. Uniquely, Clickatell pays out the full revenue share to its customers. "Using operator systems directly can sometimes introduce unnecessary complexities as message delivery and billing relies on different systems. By combining this into one interface, Clickatell ensures its customers do not have to be exposed to these hassles," said Patrick Lawson, Clickatell CTO. Clickatell's mobile terminated billing service provides all the necessary unsubscribe and stop commands to ensure that its customers are adhering to strict regulations regarding spamming.

In South Africa, the Wireless Application Service Providers' Association (WASPA) clearly defines these requirements. Clickatell aims to support all future networks in South Africa when they role out MT premium rate services. The benefit of offering mobile terminated premium rate services is that users don't have to send an SMS every time they want certain information. So, for example, traffic or weather information can be delivered on a regular basis to the handset, once a user has subscribed. In addition, because South African operators offer variable billing, a single shortcode can be advertised and promoted for a variety of services with different charges associated. "Many service providers make a heavy investment in branding their subscription numbers, so it makes sense for them to associate one number with their brand, while offering a variety of services.

Clickatell can ensure a quick approval on shortcode applications and, by leveraging its good relationship with local networks, can guarantee delivery of text based messages at a scheduled time while ensuring users are billed at the predetermined rate. In addition, service providers are required to register the nature of their content with the networks - Clickatell takes care of this as well," concludes Lawson.

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