The incredible benefits of mass messaging

Mass messaging benefits

Mass messaging has been around for nearly as long as the humble SMS itself. But along with 20 years of development and progress, comes new technology and the opportunity to use 'older' text solutions in fresh and exciting ways.

Far from lying down and disappearing as a method of communication, SMS technology is on the rise, with many uniquely surprising ways to improve your business in the coming year.

What are these amazing benefits that mass messaging now offers us?

Mass Messaging Madness: The Global SMS Showcase

For more on Clickatell Platform click here. Firstly mass messaging describes what happens when a company, brand or developer sends bulk SMS messages to many different clients all over the world.

  • SMS messages are still the only form of direct communication that can be entirely spam-free, which is why 99% of all messages are still opened.

  • With mass messaging, you can network key employees together in order to improve business processes, communications, and teamwork. In highly siloed companies this improves inter-department co-operation like never before.

  • Not only is it possible to create internal and external networks of employees, but you can do this with customers as well. They say that 90% of all mass messaging texts are read within 3 minutes of being opened - which means the information is delivered in real time, to a closed network. That's valuable in business!

  • When your customers are linked to one of these prime message networks, they will be involved in an exclusive delivery system where you can provide them with deals, coupons and time-sensitive sales that can rapidly boost your business income.

  • Customer service has recently been rated as one of the most important elements to work on in business for 2013. The closer you are to your customers the better, as they become repeat buyers and product advocates. With mass messaging, you will always be able to provide your lists with value, all-day, every day, as required.

  • Two-way messaging allows your business, app or website to collect feedback and responses from your customers. This means that you can improve your service offerings over time, consistently streamlining your business for customer satisfaction.

  • Research has proven that people are more likely to act on an SMS message, than on a newspaper or online advert.

  • Mass messaging can also be used to support stock control initiatives, management networks, they save you time, increase your marketing reach and reduce your advertising spend overall.

As a discreet, private, function-packed form of direct marketing - few technologies can outstrip mass messaging. The same can be said about the prolific networking aspects of SMS within business operations. It seems that no matter where bulk message systems are applied, they are not only useful but essential.

With the right mass message service in 2013, you can watch your business transform itself into a dynamic, high speed, communications-based company that is always informed, taking advantage of real time marketing and connecting with new and repeat clients. That's real time engagement, management, and communication - the 3 pillars of modern success.

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