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A2P SMS messaging is a preferred business marketing channel

A2P business marketing

With such ever-changing customer behaviors, it’s essential for businesses to connect with their customers in moments that matter. There are countless benefits that bulk A2P SMS messaging can offer your business when you’re looking for ways to reach a bigger audience.

While it might sound simple, businesses are working tirelessly to use the right tools to meet their customers’ needs. And, since mobile handheld devices are far more in demand than desktops and laptops are, the switch from email marketing to bulk A2P SMS marketing is massive for many companies.

What is A2P SMS messaging?

Put simply, A2P is application-to-person messaging, used to describe an SMS which is sent from an application to a mobile device. For example, when your service provider sends you a message about their latest cellular packages or when your bank notifies you about your latest transactions.

One of the key benefits of A2P SMS messaging is that customers are able to reply by means of two-way replies. Knowing this, businesses need to ensure that their chosen platform is safe, secure, and efficient. For example, if you’re agreeing to a transaction on your account, you can reply with a specific number. These are mainly used for financial departments, however, outside of the financing world, such interaction is a great way to learn more about your customers and what they expect from your business.

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These are the most popular industries which reap incredible benefits from A2P SMS mobile marketing:

  • Businesses with customer relationship management (CRM) at the core of their operations. The messages they send their customers can be anything from appointment reminders to follow-up surveys, purchase confirmations, and more.

  • Businesses which base their decisions on interactive answers. Be it through contests, voting or charity donations, these answers are needed to make a decision on a topic.

  • Businesses such as financial institutions which frequently use messages to send their customers information on their bank balances, due dates, contact information, and more.

Choosing the right marketing channel

While A2P SMS messaging is a great form of mobile marketing, businesses need to keep evolving with the digital changes to keep up with their customers and ensure that the information they send and receive is safe.

Apart from A2P SMS, there are so many different channels for businesses to use. And, the option you choose needs to be relevant and effective. Each channel has its own interface, and although some are simple and easy to adapt to, others are a little more technical.

As messaging through the various applications and APIs stands, it’s clear that both A2P SMS messaging and chatbots are more popular than voice calls. The more convenient the communication channel is for customers, the better. Whether it’s to inquire about a general customer issue or to speak to a human, having an omnichannel environment for your business will give it the opportunity to flourish.

Start reaping the rewards of A2P SMS messaging for your business, today

Customer support is an ongoing challenge, and especially since customers are wanting to engage with businesses in real time, bulk A2P SMS messaging can do wonders for your brand. Whether you want to get your marketing message out to a small or large group of people, messaging channels have quickly become the preferred, more effective approach to reaching your customers in moments that matter.

If you’re interested in learning more about A2P SMS messaging for your business, why not sign up for a free Clickatell Platform account? You’ll have free testing in our sandbox environment and the easy wizard-driven process will have you up and running in no time.

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