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Infographic: How A2P SMS will help drive the Internet of Things

A2P SMS traffic

With Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS traffic predicted to exceed 2 trillion messages in 2017 and our insatiable fascination with being connected, there’s good reason to sit up and take heed of the ongoing relevance of A2P SMS messaging – especially when it comes to the role it’ll play in helping to power the Internet of Things.

A2P SMS is already widely used

SMS growth is driven by companies that integrate SMS directly into their applications. This allows them to automate important customer touch points and is a cost-effective way for businesses to communicate directly from an application or website to their customers’ mobile handset.

A2P SMS messaging is used for myriad purposes including banking notifications, SMS authentication, and various marketing promotions and campaigns. In 2017, banks, retailers, and OTT providers alone will account for 60% of global A2P SMS traffic.

Rapid growth of the Internet of Things

The global industrial internet of things market will be worth $124 billion by 2021. The internet of things is exploding. And it’s not just a passing trend. By 2020, there’ll be about 26 connected objects for every human on earth! And, A2P SMS is already being used to connect customers with real-time data from connected devices and online applications.

Check out our infographic below to delve in a little deeper and see why every business wants a piece of this pie.


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