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The WhatsApp for Businesses solution: Here’s what it’s all about

Whatsapp for Businesses Solutions

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that WhatsApp has introduced a new service – WhatsApp for Businesses. WhatsApp acknowledges that people around the world had already been using the messaging application to communicate with businesses.

“But WhatsApp was built for people and we want to improve the business experience,” said WhatsApp in a website post.

“For example, by making it easier for businesses to respond to customers, separating customer and personal messages, and creating an official presence. Our new app will make it easier for companies to connect with customers, and more convenient for our 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses that matter to them.”

The launch of the Android app for small businesses, which is free to download, was announced in mid-January. But, in case you missed the good news, Clickatell has been chosen as an authorized WhatsApp solution provider and we’re now able to offer large enterprises the ability to communicate and transact with their customers via this channel. You can learn more about the WhatsApp Business Solution.

What is WhatsApp for Businesses?

So, how is it going to work? There are many ways businesses and customers can connect using this app. Tools, statistics and a business profile are just some of the ways Business WhatsApp is going to impact your business’s mobile marketing efforts. Businesses are able to create a profile where they can offer quick replies to customer questions, view messaging statistics, and where their customers can find out more about the business. It also includes details like a description of the business, email and store addresses, and website URLs.

How can I use this in my business?

One of the features of the Whatsapp API for Business which is set to be one of its biggest technological innovations is its messaging tools. These will allow businesses to save time. It'll allow quick replies that provide fast answers to all of your business's frequently asked questions, greeting messaging which introduces customers to your business, and ‘away messages’ that let them know you're busy.

How will it benefit me?

The WhatsApp messaging statistics will benefit you greatly, as it will allow you to review messaging metrics. This enables you to see how many messages have been read, giving you the opportunity to see what's working and which messages need to be edited or tweaked. Of course, there’s also the obvious benefit of being available on a channel that your customers are already using.

How will Whatsapp for businesses benefit my customers?

There are numerous benefits to customers in this latest WhatsApp technological innovation. One of those benefits is that they'll know that they're talking to a business because you'll be listed as a verified business account. That means no more awkward conversations with an app, thinking you’re talking to a person rather than a piece of technology.

Where is it available?

The WhatsApp solution is currently available to a limited number of businesses around the globe. "And WhatsApp Business will make it easier for people to connect with them, and vice versa, in a fast and simple way."

Says WhatsApp in their blog post: “People can continue using WhatsApp as usual — there's no need to download anything new. And people will continue to have full control over the messages they receive, with the ability to block any number, including businesses, as well as report spam.”

From ordering pizza to transacting with banks or planning their next vacation, consumers are eager to communicate with businesses via the WhatsApp channel. Is your business ready? find out more more bout our WhatsApp product or start your application process by logging in to your account today and applying to make use of this important channel via the Clickatell gateway.


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