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SMS Marketing in Australia is Vastly Improving Customer Engagement

SMS marketing in Australia

Tech leaders will be painfully aware of the ever-changing trends influencing the modern marketing environment. In Australia, like in many countries, customers are active on several different platforms, and they expect brands to meet them there. If you’re investigating in cost-effective communication options with broad reach, SMS marketing remains a reliable and relevant platform.

The state of SMS usage in Australia

As a nation, Australians have embraced the mobile evolution with ease. Smartphone penetration now stands at 89 percent, according to Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey.

Unlike many developed nations though, the majority of Australia’s smartphone users don’t believe they use their devices excessively. Only 39 percent of the survey’s respondents think they’re developing an addiction to their phones.

Australians are keeping up with the pace of mobile innovation too. Just under 40 percent indicated they would switch to a 5G network as soon as it becomes available.

But, despite the introduction of new forms of mobile communication, Australians haven’t abandoned SMS at all.

Data shows that over 80 percent of adult Australians have sent an SMS in the past six months, according to figures attributed to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). That’s compared to 57 percent of mobile users who were accessing messaging apps during that same year.

Two decades later: the staying power of SMS

There are a few reasons why SMS remains a compelling addition to any company’s martech stack even 25 years after its launch. In an era where email open rates continue to dwindle, SMS offers an open rate of over 90 percent. That’s why it plays a key role in a solid client engagement strategy.

And while organizations have a wealth of marketing technologies to choose from, different applications don’t always play nicely together. A tool like our SMS Platform can be easily integrated into existing applications, CRM systems or websites.

SMS marketing in Australia

SMS marketing in Australia has applications across industries, from client engagement strategies in finance to improving vigilance in healthcare.

Researchers conducted a study at 10 practices in Western Australia. As seasonal influenza vaccinations began, the team studied the impact of SMS reminders on the rate of vaccinations. Children whose parents received an SMS reminder were twice as likely to be vaccinated.

Because SMS is one of the most secure channels, the financial sector is incorporating SMS into its client engagement strategy.

Bank Australia offers SMS alerts for a range of triggers:

  • Deposits into client accounts

  • Debit orders

  • Account balances which fall below a preset limit

Clients can also text a special code to the bank for on-demand requests.

HSBC offers a business text message banking service that comes with a free weekly statement straight to customers' mobile phones. And, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia keeps consumers updated with new products as part of its SMS marketing strategy. Another example is how the National Australia Bank fosters client engagement by reminders of credit card payments to their customers.

Using SMS marketing in Australia (or globally for that matter) to maximize client engagement

Running a successful SMS campaign works best as part of an omnichannel strategy. Ensuring that your customers have a seamless experience across devices will yield the highest return on your investment.

In addition, obtaining consent from your customers is crucial. The ACMA takes a hard line against SMS spammers, frequently fining offenders.

To derive the biggest gains from SMS marketing, focus on creating a personalized and meaningful customer experience. Read our article on conversational SMS to find new ways to delight your clients.

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