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How AI is transforming lead generation and process automation

AI & lead generation

Business and sales aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days of cold calling or visiting a potential customer’s house. Now, those once potential customers are more tech savvy. With the amount of advertising blasted to them through the internet, companies now have a lot more competition when it comes to grabbing a customer’s attention. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), the technology is transforming that way companies look at lead generation and process automation. Those businesses are now able to throw away the yellow pages and instead hone in on potential customers that will yield valuable results.

Boosting lead generation

Regardless of what your company sells, whether it be insurance or telephone services, the implementation of AI will be able to help boost lead generation for your business. The system is able to scan through copious amounts of raw data, from social media to research trends, and complete the perfect lead. It is also able to look at emotions, or whether a customer is an impulsive buyer and then correlate all that information.

With all of this information in hand, your business is able to find the best leads and the best time and way to contact them. If a salesperson is on the verge of losing a sale, or the potential customer isn’t budging, the AI can assist in suggesting alternative products, solutions, or even times on when to contact the person again.

The implementation of AI will give your company’s lead generation efforts a massive boost.

Which leads are ready for a sale?

AI systems are not only able to tell you which leads are worth looking at, but which are ready to make a sale. This takes a lot of grunt work out of actually having to manually assess and identify where salespeople should be spending their valuable time. By scanning a multitude of different channels and assessing how a client answers essential questions, the AI is able to come to these conclusions.

These results are generated by a range of factors and generate unique profiles for the potential customers, which may entail bespoke product offerings. This data is then matched up and the AI can generate the required results. What used to take weeks or months, can now be done in hours or days.

Monitoring relationship strength

Typically, companies that require lead generation will look at the number of emails and telephone calls logged with potential clients. Not only is this method archaic, giving far fewer results than required but adds stress on top of employees’ workloads. AI is able to look past these logged times and instead delve deeper into the relationship between the client and salesperson.

The system can scan through emails, picking up keywords, as well as seeing the frequency of interaction in order to adequately assess how fruitful the lead will be. It can assess if the salesperson is doing well in negotiating a sale with the potential client, or if other steps need to be taken.

By implementing an AI system to not only generate leads, but process automation as well, your company will become a well-oiled machine.


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