SMS Country regulations and restrictions

New Zealand

Available countries

Before you start sending to New Zealand, please ensure you understand the consumer regulations around messaging as outlined by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. It is best practice to obtain end-user consent before sending any communication from your service. Unsolicited messages will not be sent to end-users. It is best to communicate with end-users during their daytime unless the message is urgent.

Restriction Description
DND exists No
Time restrictions No
International vs local split No
Local traffic N/A
International traffic N/A
General content restrictions
  • All content with URLs must be whitelisted
  • It is best practice to obtain end-user consent before sending any communication from your service
  • Unsolicited messages will not be sent to end-users
Content registration required
  1. Marketing Content - Not a regulatory requirement, but some suppliers do need to know the content before we send them marketing traffic. If the supplier confirms the failures are due to unregistered content, a request will need to be raised with Clicktell's VAS team to whitelist the content. 
  2. Transactional Content - No content registration is required for transactional content.
Opt-out instructions required No

Sender ID regulations All sender IDs will be overwritten with a local short code.
URL/Content Whitelisting Requirement

The following information is needed when whitelisting URLs:

  • Sender ID
  • URL
  • Company name
  • Type of traffic
  • Content sample
  • Website
  • Brief use case
Sender ID documentation required No
Country supports MNP Yes

Short codes

The following parameters are mandatory to provide in order for us to proceed with the order:
  • End client's company name
  • STD or FTEU SC?
  • Detailed use case
  • Promo, trans, OTP?
  • MT Message - must include brand name
  • MO Message/How does the client initiate the service?
  • Opt-In flow
  • 0800 support phone number
  • Support email address
  • Explicit consent to receive marketing messages and promotional offers in accordance with UEMA
  • Advertising screenshot
  • Expected volumes per month
  • Link to Terms & Conditions
  • Website for user reference
Additionally, take note of the following operator regulations:
  • Charges of opt-in/opt-out via short code on standard codes must be communicated to end clients either in the T&C, in the sign-up process, or where easily viewable. Information regarding charges of MOs must be communicated to end clients.
  • If marketing is sent on the code, you must provide proof (e.g., a screenshot) of where the end client gives explicit consent to receive marketing.
  • 2 Degrees requests that if used for marketing traffic, there must be a free way of opting out. To just have opt-out via text to short code with a fee for MO reply is not approved.

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