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“Helping customers easily find what they need, simplifying signup, driving personalization and streamlining access to support – across all channels – is now critical to retain customers. Increasingly, the way customers experience a product or service is as important as the product or service itself.” - IBM

 One of the most important ways to create a positive customer experience is when dealing with customer queries. Customers are approaching you with a challenge related to your product, and how you deal with this engagement will determine whether they walk away loyal to your brand - or looking to your competitors. A ticketing solution using WhatsApp is the best way to keep track of your customer’s query and ensure efficient and effective communication.

What is a ticketing solution?

When the customer connects with your company via the chat platform, the system creates a ‘ticket’ with a unique number that will be used to track that single query through to completion. This ticket is then shared within your organisation so that a specialist can look into the customer’s query and provide a suitable response. Once the issue has been resolved, the ticket is closed and the customer is often encouraged to provide feedback on the experience so that you can improve your processes. 

How can WhatsApp be used for tickets?

The customer contacts you via WhatsApp and the agent can then view all the customer’s details and conversation history on a single screen. This means that the customer doesn’t have to repeat his or her query repeatedly, eliminating the frustration associated with this form of interaction. Even if the customer contacts the agent at a later stage via another communication channel, the initial conversation details can be accessed.  

What are the benefits of a ticketing solution?

There are many reasons why modern businesses are adopting ticketing solutions via WhatsApp as a way to engage with customer complaints and queries. If you’re not yet convinced that this is the platform for you, then here’s a look at the many benefits.

1. Centralization of data

The tickets are stored in one software and can be quickly accessed by your company agent. This means that previous interactions with the customer are also readily available, as well as similar customer queries which your agents can use as reference points. 

2. Manage expectations

When customers connect via WhatsApp, the agent can outline the process going forward and set the pace of communication without being constantly harassed by the customer. This way, the agent manages the communication expectations and the customer feels like they are being heard.

3. Effective communication

Customers might not contact your company using the same communication channel, but this is not a problem with a ticketing system. If you have an omnichannel support system, then ticketing consolidates are the different communication threads – via WhatsApp and more – into once channel for more effective communication. It doesn’t matter how customers contact you, the ticket is logged in a central location. 

4. Improved organization

If you run an organization that deals with a high volume of support cases, then a ticketing solution is ideal. Your agents aren’t overwhelmed by the number of queries being received in the customer services department as the tickets organise and catalogue cases for prioritisation. Cases can also be arranged according to the nature of the complaint so an agent or team can deal with these together. 

5. Improved productivity

With the ticketing solution centralizing data and making dealing with queries that much simpler, your team is much more productive. Certain ticketing solutions also come with automation features that send tickets to the correct department based on the nature of the query. This means much more can be done by your customer services team with fewer resources. 

6. Better customer experience

Most importantly, all the benefits of a chat ticketing solution drastically improve customer satisfaction. Your staff aren’t overwhelmed by the number of complaints and queries being received daily. Rather, the queries are systematically organised making them much easier to attend to. Customers are getting the answers and support they require quickly, resulting in a much better customer experience overall.

What are the features of a ticketing solution?

It’s clear that a chat ticketing solution makes the best business sense when dealing with a vast number of customer queries. However, there are certain features you might want to consider when implementing the system. 

Language support

Even if your business doesn’t require multilingual support right now, it’s likely that it will at a later stage. Considering the global nature of modern operations, being able to assist customers in their own language is imperative for most businesses at some point. Rather check there are multilingual features available for your ticket management system instead of changing along the way.

Self-service features

There are many repetitive customer queries that can be dealt with swiftly via a self-service ticketing system. This not only eliminates the need for agents to waste time repeating the same information, it means that customers have access to this information 24 hours a day, wherever they are.


When your customers connect with you via the WhatsApp ticketing system, they need to get the feel that this is your brand, and not some generic service system. That’s why a customized communication platform is needed. This way, you can adjust the colours and style of the ticketing system to collate the look and feel of your company.

Reporting features

You need to keep constantly improving your customer service to remain competitive, and the best way to do this is through insights into what’s working and what’s not in your operations. A WhatsApp ticketing system with reporting features will let you know what your customers are repeatedly asking about whether their queries are being attended to as comprehensively as possible, as well as your team’s performance. Reports on this allow you to adjust your training procedures and improve your operations.

Why use Clickatell?

If you want to connect with your customers on their preferred platform, then Clickatell can help you implement a WhatsApp ticketing solution. As an authorized WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, Clickatell enables direct engagement with customers in real-time on a platform that is:

  • Secure: End-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication ensure the communication is secure.

  • Reliable: Reach more than 2 billion active WhatsApp users in 180 countries with reliable and instant communication.

  • Powerful: Enjoy a higher delivery and conversion rates with this interactive platform. 

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