Automotive solutions through WhatsApp

“Car manufacturers once competed largely on their engineering capabilities: superior driving performance and reliability were their marketing boasts. These qualities still matter, but they are table stakes. The new battleground is customer experience.” - McKinsey

The connection to a particular car brand is largely an emotive one. While we all have our preferences in car style, features and design, the connection to a brand is primarily determined by a good customer experience. And when it comes to improving customer experiences in the digital age, this means facilitating engagement via your customers’ preferred method of communication – WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s leading chat app with more than 1.5 billion users. It’s easy to use and convenient – as it’s right there in your pocket! Businesses that aren’t leveraging this superior form of communication are basically losing out on potential customers – on a large scale. And this is true for the automotive industry which is battling out competitors, navigating ever-changing technologies, and trying to build and retain customer loyalty in the process.

The modern car buyer doesn’t want the traditional showroom visit. They want digital interactions from finding the car and buying the car, through to after-sales care. In fact, the Google search trends indicate that around 60% of car buyers under 45 years are likely to purchase their car online, and want contactless sales and services. This is where WhatsApp Business API comes in!

How can WhatsApp provide automotive solutions?

If you’re looking at WhatsApp as just a basic chat platform, then you’re missing out on the many, many ways that this simple chat platform can extend your business offerings. From attracting new customers through to securing sales and providing a positive customer experience, WhatsApp is the business solution you’ve been looking for.

1. A digital car brochure

A WhatsApp chatbot can be used to provide your would-be-customers with all the information they require on a specific car. The WhatsApp bot can share details on models, mileage, and financing options without any need for human intervention.

2. Car history

If you’re in the used-car business and are looking to make a sale, you can use the WhatsApp platform to provide the car’s history and service details. All the car specifications, pricing and more can be shared through chat.

3.  Dealership location

Once your potential customer has found the car for them, they can locate their nearest dealership using the same WhatsApp platform. This is also useful for existing car owners who have relocated or are away on holiday and require contact with a dealership.

4. Book test drives

The WhatsApp chatbots can provide customers with time slots to book test drives. All the customer’s information can be shared with the dealership ahead of time, decreasing the pressure on your sales’ staff.

5. After-sales’ service

Routine services, maintenance or any other car-related queries can be facilitated via the WhatsApp platform. Your automotive customers are able to book a service, ask for quotes and get general car user information through the WhatsApp platform.

6. Notifications

The ability to send alerts, notifications and reminders directly to your customers creates a positive overall experience. Using WhatsApp, you can notify your customers about upcoming services, maintenance suggestions, check-ups, vehicle license renewal reminders and even new automobile arrivals for potential sales. You can even use the WhatsApp platform for more personalized messages such as sending birthday wishes, discounted offers and invitations to dealership fun days.

7. Spare parts and accessories

Your customers might require spare parts or be in the market for other vehicle accessories, all of which can be communicated via WhatsApp. This can include all relevant details such as part availability and pricing, with orders made if needed.

8. Schedule automobile repairs

Car owners can even book a repair slot with a dealership through the WhatsApp chatbot. The 24-hour nature of the chatbot means that available slots are evident, and repairs can be scheduled immediately.

9. Emergency assistance

The WhatsApp chat platform can also assist customers when they need you most. If they’re involved in a sudden breakdown or require any other emergency automobile assistance, they simply need to send through a message and receive immediate assistance.

10. Mechanical consultations

You can set up a ‘premium’ group of customers who can subscribe for customized insights, tips and information relating to car mechanics. This can really differentiate your automobile offerings from the competitors.

11. Drive car ‘fandom’

Cars attract loyal supporters who’re interested in everything from the latest technology and speed through to who is driving the car. There are magazines, shows and documentaries dedicated to cars and– and now you can be in the ‘driver’s seat’ when it comes to securing fandom. Through the WhatsApp platform, you can share sneak previews, behind-the-scenes content and exclusive manufacturer updates with your customers. This makes them feel like they’re much more in-the-know and connected to your brand. 

What are the benefits of WhatsApp for automotive solutions?

There are so many useful features of WhatsApp for automotive solutions, and these bring significant benefits for business. Here are some of the ways WhatsApp improves processes and outcomes.

  • Scalability: The automation of automotive communication means that your team is able to deal with a higher volume of customers, increasing the scale of your operations.

  • Brand loyalty: Because you are available to your customers 24 hours a day, they feel much more connected to your brand. This enhanced customer experience results in a boost in brand loyalty.

  • Simplify workflow: Rather than having your team focusing on answer repetitive questions related to models and pricing, your team is free to focus on closing deals and boosting sales.

  • Decrease costs: The WhatsApp platform allows you to increase customer engagement and improve customer satisfaction without incurring excessive costs.

  • Increasing convenience: The WhatsApp Business API is not only a convenient communication platform for your customers, it’s also a convenient solution for you.

  • Exclusivity: Through premium subscriptions on WhatsApp, you can make customers feel a sense of exclusivity that sets them apart. Through creative content and insider details, you’re actually making customers feel more included.

Including Clickatell’s WhatsApp Business API into your automotive customer service operations, you’re delivering a more effective offering and staying ahead of competitors.


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