Latest tech trends: Cloud and mobile technology

Cloud & mobile technology

Fewer things move faster than technology. Keeping up with the latest trends lets you get a handle on where things are going, so you can make more informed decisions. Not everything is relevant to your interests of course. Yet, advances in tech tend to overlap, particularly when it comes to mobile technology. With such a heavy focus by major corporations, it’s no wonder that fewer areas receive more attention. Mobile trends, then, are always a hot topic.

According to many reports, two of the biggest trends that seem to benefit tech companies are the Cloud and mobile technology, especially as a result of effective mobile app development tools.

The move to the Cloud

As Business Insider notes, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been benefitting enormously from Cloud-based services.

“AWS has generated $8.9 billion over the past 12 months, more than quadruple Microsoft's $1.8 billion and 15 times the sales of Google's Cloud service. Even more impressive is that AWS is still seeing a whopping 72% year-over-year growth, an unprecedented growth rate for any enterprise service of its scale.”

For those who don’t know, Cloud computing just means storing and accessing data over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. The Cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. Workers who share drives or work on Google or Amazon apps already experience Cloud computing.

Many experts have pointed out how important Cloud services have been for the modern business. Already in 2012, Wired released an article detailing the ways Cloud services allowed for innovation, efficiency, and diversity in business production. However, what’s different is tech giants are seeing it used more and thus seeing profits. As more businesses conduct themselves over the Cloud, it’s advisable that the rest of us catch up, too.

Mobile focus

Mobile technology is increasingly showing itself as essential to modern businesses. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Facebook Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc… both reported surges in their quarterly profits, fuelled by users spending more time on their smartphones and advertisers spending more money to reach them there.”

More businesses make use of mobile app development tools to reach an audience. As indicated, more people are using their phones for a range of applications and services. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore mobile technology trends – just as, in the past, no business could afford to ignore the creation of websites and social media.

Security remains priority

But with every tech trend, there is increasing concern with regard to security. For example, though the cloud is incredibly effective, it still means data is accessible in new ways. This is why Clickatell advises securing Cloud services with, for example, two factor authentication and other security interventions. This means businesses can stay ahead of trends, while securing essential data, too.

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