How AI is helping marketing and sales teams to streamline data analysis

AI for marketing and sales

Some marketers fear artificial intelligence (AI). But there is no need for marketers to be worried that an army of robots is about to steal their jobs. Instead, marketers must learn to work with AI. They must embrace this technology rather than be worried about it. There are parts of a marketers' job, including data analysis, where AI can be used for assistance.

Research firm Forrester recently released a report called AI Must Learn The Basics Before It Can Transform Marketing. Writing about it for Forbes, Forrester VP Joe Stanhope says: "AI isn’t simply another buzzword; it absolutely has a place in marketing technology and will yield substantial benefits. We’ve arrived at the inflection point where legitimate AI-powered marketing solutions align with marketers’ readiness. To prepare for the future of marketing, brands need to advance their understanding of AI and start testing solutions today. "

Think about all the tasks marketers must do daily. These are often repetitive and time-consuming tasks. In other words, the type of tasks that are perfect for AI and are often performed by the sales and marketing teams. In many businesses, these teams don’t really speak to one another. And this means things often get lost. Marketing is so focused on generating leads and sales is focused on closing those leads, it can be difficult for these teams to truly connect and work together. And as mentioned in a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, AI is the solution and is set to streamline marketing and sales. So, here are some of the ways AI is helping to streamline the work of marketing and sales teams.

Streamline data analysis

Companies are sitting on an almost endless amount of customer data. This data needs to be analyzed, cleaned up, sorted through, questioned and leveraged. This can all be done by AI. In the Harvard Business Review article mentioned above, it detailed how AI was able to go through thousands of client leads, separate the useful ones from those which aren’t as valuable, and reach out to the clients.

Business intelligence

The very act of completing business intelligence tasks lends itself immediately to AI. The tech can be used to analyze a business’ data and to provide actionable information to help those at the top make better decisions.

Eliminating manual tasks

Eliminating manual work isn't just about cutting out tasks that marketers dislike. It's about being able to be more efficient. Marketers can truly work smarter, not harder. AI marketing can dig deeper into data than a marketer ever could for increased insights and visibility. This allows marketers to focus on creating strategies and campaigns which will resonate with their audience.

Enhancing search

Search is essential at every stage of the sales funnel. And search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent in knowing what the intent is behind every search. These changes in search are an ideal opportunity for AI to use the information to ensure clients, current and prospective, see your business’ ads and on the search engine results pages.


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