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Secure transactions with a two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress

2FA plugin for WordPress

Let’s look at why SMS two-factor authentication is the safe, straightforward method to use, and how implementation can be easier than ever with this free WordPress two-factor authentication plugin.

Why SMS two-factor authentication?

Today’s consumers demand beefed-up security from the sites they interact with. Data theft and credit card fraud frequently make the headlines, as hackers are getting savvier at cracking passwords. It’s clear that one method of authentication – a password for example – is not enough. You may add a second layer of protection through your payment gateway, using an authentication service such as Verify by Visa. Or you could implement your own extra barrier of security. 

SMS two-factor authentication is a popular method as it works with a user’s mobile phone – something they always have on them. Typically, a user receives a randomly generated four or six-digit one-time PIN (OTP), which they then enter on the web page they are trying to access. SMS is not dependent on having internet access, and works on any phone and in any language. It’s also easy to work out your messaging budget with something like Clickatell’s bulk SMS pricing estimator.

Which interactions should I protect with 2FA?

Let’s look at a few typical scenarios: 

  • First-time registration: When a user registers with a site for the first time, they could choose to authenticate themselves via SMS OTP to ensure that it is actually them signing in.

  • Adding a credit card: If you are offering the convenience of storing credit card details, you could secure this function with two-factor authentication.

  • Using loyalty points: If your ecommerce website has a loyalty point system – or accepts loyalty points as payment – a secondary mode of authentication should be required. After all, spending points is just like spending money.

  • Activating a one-click payment: Shopping with just one click is a great time-saving feature for regular shoppers, yet it should still be verified with a method of two-factor authentication such as an SMS OTP.

Try this free WordPress 2FA plugin

If you want to add SMS two-factor authentication to your ecommerce site, check out this WordPress 2FA plugin on Github. It is not an official Clickatell product, but it is compatible with our platform. Designed with developers in mind, this tried-and-tested code will quickly get you on your way. No need to create your own solution, and what’s more, it’s free.

Be sure to sign up for a Clickatell account and add a REST API to your account to start sending messages. You will also need to load your account with SMS credits. Your Clickatell account will give you detailed delivery reports so you can monitor all your messaging activity.

With secondary security taken care of, you can continue to focus on a great online shopping experience for your users.

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