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How to use video marketing in social media

Video is becoming one of the go-to marketing techniques for businesses around the globe. Every day, consumers watch over 500 million hours of video on YouTube, while 82% of Twitter users watch video on the platform. Simply put, that is a lot of users watching videos with marketing opportunities. Can you afford not to integrate video marketing into your social media plan?

Putting out a video about your business or product isn’t just about making it eye-catching, robust, or the greatest piece of content ever produced. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to social media and video marketing. Sure, you can hire a professional production company and license out a song, but does that really fit with your brand? And where is your audience?

Know your audience

Just like any form of marketing, your business needs to understand its audience and who watches videos. Blanket targeting a range of demographics for every single advert will not only frustrate consumers but cost you with every unnecessary view or click. You’re going to need to isolate who you are targeting and what you want your video marketing to say about your product or brand.

This can be done in one of two ways. Firstly, you can hire a professional marketing company or digital agency to help you create the perfect plan and isolation list. Another option is to create easy videos and put them out into the world while keeping a close eye on the analytics data. You may find that while men are interacting with your video marketing on YouTube, women are watching it on Twitter. All of this information is valuable research data and needs to be constantly fine-tuned to get the best results.

Ideal length for video marketing

There is a finite amount of content that a consumer will watch during the day. According to recent stats, the average video length on YouTube is just over four minutes. The longest, however, was 15 minutes. This doesn’t mean you need to create a long video, on the contrary, you should create shorter ones. In fact, unless you’re Philip DeFranco or you’ve created a documentary on artificial intelligence, your videos should be bite-sized.

When creating a video for your business, be aware of how much time potential clients have before they can click away from it. Think of these videos as elevator pitches, but you have around 10 seconds instead of 30 to pitch. You need to entice the potential customer and not frustrate them during the process.

Know your platform

While this article has primarily used YouTube as a video platform example, you can use the medium on most social platforms. However, each of them does come with a different audience range and restrictions. According to this infographic, videos on Instagram should be 30 seconds, 45 seconds on Twitter, one minute on Facebook, and, finally, two minutes on YouTube. An option here is to either create a video marketing campaign with an enticing intro, or one that is workable in variable lengths.

Broadcast live

Brands don’t just need to post pre-made and rehearsed videos. If there is a massive product unveiling, it would be beneficial to have a live broadcast of the event. This places your client in the middle of the news in real-time without them having to see the video at a later date. This can be performed on most social media platforms.


The amount of video being consumed daily is massive and brands shouldn’t missing out on it. There is a range of ways to make sure your video marketing on social media platforms is optimal. Our recent article discusses when and how to grab a customer’s attention, which platforms to use, and video marketing strategy.

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