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How bulk SMS marketing can impact your real estate business

Bulk SMS for real estate

With housing crises and economic downturn around the world, selling a house has become more difficult. For the longest time, estate agents would take out an advert in the local newspaper stating that a house was available and have an open-house the following weekend. As technology and the world move forward, those methods are no longer relevant, especially with clients being busier than ever. Enter bulk SMS marketing, a solution that may just help estate agents turn queries into sales.

Sending out single SMSes to clients and cold calling are no longer viable options. Not to mention waiting for potential clients to come to you. With bulk SMS marketing, estate agents can enable mobile marketing with ease and initialize an online real estate presence.

Everyone has a mobile phone

One of the largest benefits to using bulk SMS marketing is its penetration in the worldwide market. In general, most people own a mobile phone, which gives companies greater access to the world’s 7.5 billion population. While not all phones are able to access social media or receive emails, every phone, regardless of make or model, is capable of receiving an SMS.

This makes bulk SMS marketing the most robust form of technological marketing available, especially when SMS open-rates are sitting between 98 and 99 percent. With this simple means of communicating, real estate agents are able to reach a far greater range of potential customers, which in turn leads to new sales opportunities.

Prospecting and profiling clients

Using SMS marketing is the most convenient way to contact customers, especially if it is a matter of urgency. By using a customer relations management (CRM) system, and by integrating AI into their websites, real estate agents are able to collect information about customers and the type of properties that they are looking for. This enables the agent to create a profile around the customer for sales and prospecting purposes. When something new is on the market, the agents can use bulk SMS messages to notify all of those with matching criteria to the property.

Customers are then able to respond to the notification, stating if they would like to continue receiving information and updates on the property. When enough customers have shown interest and the agent is able to secure a showing time, all interested customers can be notified at once via SMS. This is especially useful if there is a same-day showing or a sale fell through. Some users may not be able to check social media or their email in time, as opposed to an SMS which is opened almost immediately.

Using bulk SMS marketing for sales support

When purchasing or renting a property, customers need to be kept up to date every step of the way. This is where bulk SMS marketing tools and CRM software integration come into play. Often, realtors are dealing with several property and customer processes at once. By updating their CRM to state that a bond or lease has been approved, the system can SMS all customers at the same time without any additional legwork.

The same can be said for agents that deal with new developments. Bulk SMS marketing tools can be utilized to update clients on the progress of their new homes, or any setbacks that may occur.

Rental management

For agents that manage a large number of rental properties, especially those in the same area or complex, a bulk SMS management tool becomes indispensable. This is utilized for after-sales service and the day-to-day operations of those properties. For example, if there is a problem with electricity in the area, or buildings are to be re-painted, the agents can create a single SMS and send it out to all of those affected.

For more information and pricing on bulk SMS marketing, have a look at Clickatell’s SMS pricing and coverage page. Our pricing estimator will calculate the estimated cost of an SMS package in different countries and with different features.


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