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10 Inspiring bulk text message stats for your business

Bulk Message Statistics

A bulk text message system is still one of the most efficient ways you can market your business in the world today. Along with integrating with various other social and mobile media, these individual text messages are forging new pathways in two-way communication for all sorts of apps, websites and businesses online.

Here are 10 inspiring bulk text message stats to help you decide whether this technology is worth using in the modern age.

Stat #1: 96% of smartphone users use SMS

Think smartphone users don't bother with SMS anymore? In the latest marketing survey, reports indicate that nearly all users are still highly active on SMS, despite there being other mediums like chat, social networks, and the internet.

Stat #2: SMS marketing is 10X more effective

If you need a bulk text message system for marketing, you're in luck. Recent research has indicated that SMS marketing coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than other types of redeemable coupons. For foot-traffic businesses, this is a must-have.

Stat #3: 80% of consumers are waiting for you

There are some 80% of consumers that have said they have not been marketed to via SMS by one of their favorite brands. This means that there is still a low market penetration in your niche, and that bulk text message techniques will work well.

Stat #4: SMS has higher engagement rates

A bulk text message system has the ability to produce 6-8 times higher engagement rates than email. This may be due to email spam, or the infrequency of text marketing. Either way, the key takeaway here is that SMS creates more engagement for your company.

Stat #5: The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day

According to Nokia, we glance at our phones some 150 times every single day, which means that we WANT our information to be delivered to us via our cell phones. Otherwise, why would we keep checking for new information?

Stat #6: 178 texts vs 1,216 emails

Even though bulk text message marketing is high-impact, we only receive around 178 texts a month, mostly from friends. On the other hand, we receive over 1,216 emails from people - mostly spammers. Clearly, SMS is a better marketing delivery system.

Stat #7: 98% message open rate

SMS has the highest of all the 'message open' rates in existence. Topping the list at 98% is SMS, as opposed to 29% with tweets, 22% with Facebook posts and 22% with email. At least with SMS, your bulk text message won't be missed.

Stat #8: 19% SMS vs 4.2% email click-through rate

According to Mailchimp, only 4.2% of all emails result in clicks - which is quite a low rate for direct marketing. A bulk text message system, however, sends out SMSes that have a 19% click through rate, making it one of the #1 ways to perform lead generation online.

Stat #9: 68% of all your customers want offers via bulk text message

There must be a catch right? Nope! Some 68% of all of your UK clients would prefer to receive their marketing offers directly on their mobile phones. In the US this number goes up to 70%, proving once again that SMS is a powerhouse marketing tool.

Stat #10: 90% loyalty program value

At least 90% of mobile users that have participated in a loyalty program via SMS found that they had experienced some real value from it. Exclusive deals work especially well in bulk text message loyalty programs.

These 10 stats don't lie! Bulk text message systems are only gaining weight, reach and value with customers all over the world. If you are looking for a qualified method of reaching out to your customers, but you also insist on the highest marketing rates - then SMS marketing is almost certainly the avenue you have been searching for. Have a look at Clickatell Platform - our bulk text messaging gateway that makes sending your SMS campaigns easy, quick, and a whole lot more effective.

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