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Tips for successful SMS campaigns for lead generation

SMS lead generation

People interact differently with SMS than they do with other forms of communication. They prefer to receive promotions via SMS than from another platform, which is why using SMS campaigns for lead generation can be a successful endeavor. Follow the advice below to see your lead generation flourish.

SMS campaigns need a clear CTA

The CTA (call to action)is arguably the most important part of your SMS campaigns. It allows customers to understand the incentive and know how to claim their reward, coupon code or so forth. It should be clear and to the point in order to get your message across.

If customers don’t understand the incentive or do not know what to do when they receive your SMS, you’ll notice that your lead generation numbers will fall. Keep it simple by focusing on one action and repeating this action on the ‘click to text’ or call button. Your CTA should tell your customers what to do and what’s in it for them. Simple instructions can go a long way to convincing customers to click a link, generating a lead.

Timing is everything

You’re a busy marketer, which means that you may expect an overnight success on your campaigns. SMS campaigns are instantaneous and deliver information directly to customers but the success of a campaign all comes down to timing.

SMS marketing has to be timed down to the minute, especially if you are using it for a sale. It is important not to flood customers with messages, as this can become annoying and can harm your campaign success rates. Rather let them opt-in to a subscription service where they receive weekly SMSes with promotional information. Be sure not to be too slow with sending out SMSes for sales as your customers may not have time to react and initiate a purchase.

Don’t forget to follow up

Sending an SMS and generating leads is only half of the battle for any marketing strategy. You should always send a follow-up message, as this will encourage positive responses and solid lead conversions.

Build up a strong lead nurturing process and respond to your leads quickly. This will show them that they are not just part of an automated SMS marketing campaign but that you are responding to their individual requests. Following up will also remind those who may not have replied to the message that there is still time to make a purchase, so be sure to schedule a follow-up message for at least a week after you send the initial sales or promotional SMSes out.

Don't send bulk sms's without segmentation

Never send off an SMS without audience, prospect or customer segmentation research done beforehand. Mobile devices are highly personal, and your customers may become annoyed if they receive messages that are not related to their preferences.

Because the open rate of SMS messages is almost 100 percent, sending relevant content can bring great results. Segmenting your audience will allow you to send content that is better suited to them rather than unwanted messages. SMS campaigns in today’s modern world can be highly personalized, so use the data for your segments to your advantage and craft the perfect promotional text message.

Don't send without permission

If a customer has not stated specifically that they want to opt-in to your SMS marketing campaign, you should definitely not send them any SMSes no matter how exciting your sale or promotion is.

Doing so could land you in hot water legally, as there is an Act that allows individuals to tailor the frequency, timing, and nature of the marketing material they receive. If you send unsolicited SMSes to those who have not given permission, customers will become agitated. You will lose their custom and may gain a reputation for being a ‘spammy’ marketer.

Don't send walls of text

This is a common mistake of many companies that are new to SMS marketing: sending long messages that do not contain any relevant information. Keep it short and sweet!

Try to shorten any links that you include in your message, and only include relevant and important information. Customers usually have a short attention span, and so will stop reading if a message is too long.

What are you waiting for?

SMS marketing is a highly successful way to reach customers, so not having a campaign could be hurting your business. It is easy to set up, and your lead generation will improve significantly. Remember to keep your message short and to the point, and have a clear CTA for customers to follow. You may be interested to find out how SMS campaigns are effective for B2B marketing, so why not read our recent article?

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