Customer Relationship Management

How to improve customer relationships with SMS short codes

How to use SMS short codes

SMS short codes allow your company to select a short 5 digit code that your customers will use to redeem information, downloads, deals or votes from you. As an ecommerce website owner your main concern is sales, which means that your customer community needs to be engaged and converted as part of an overall SMS marketing strategy.

How do you use SMS short codes to quickly and easily build powerful long term relationships with your customers, that converts over and over again?

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Using a Unique Short Code For CRM

There are many ways your online brand can use a 5 digit SMS short code. In this instance you will have a set of goals that exist from previous customer relationship strategies. Some of these goals may include the following:

  • Customer service and support

  • Two-way communication

  • Order tracking updates and notifications

  • Automated responses to general queries

  • Customer loyalty programs

These SMS short codes are designed to allow your eager customer base to contact you whenever they may need you, for whatever specific purpose they have in mind. Your job is to use SMS on your ecommerce website and online social properties to allow them the opportunity to gain access to your team, or to specific information in just a few seconds.

How you can use SMS short codes for customer service

Once you have selected your ideal keywords to use with your SMS short codes, you will need to craft your text messages, so that they suit your intended goals.

Jake's customer service! Text customer to 32534 to connect with a helpful team member.

  • You are now connected to Jake's customer service. How can we help you? Reply stop to end.

Jake's order tracking! Text tracking to 30456 to receive notifications about the product you just ordered.

  • Jake's order tracking! Your package 12035 is in Canada. 3 days remaining. Reply stop to end.

How You Can Use Short Codes For Loyalty Programs

A must-have use for CRM SMS short codes this year is to improve your on-site loyalty program. The more value that you can provide your customers for free, the higher your chances of landing more sales with them, and people they know, over time.

According to the latest studies from EMN8, nearly 42% of consumers say that they want to be part of a brand's loyalty program, to be incentivized to buy. Here is how you can help your customers get what they want with SMS short codes.

Jake's loyalty program! Text deals to 30563 to receive coupons, deals, specials and free gifts from us now.   

  • Jake's loyalty program! Use the code perfect with your next online purchase and instantly get 20% off. Expires in 2 days. Reply stop to end

Jake's community list! Text community to 31234 to receive updates on events and gain access to our huge library of free community resources.

  • Welcome to Jake's community list! Click here to watch our exciting brand video and redeem your first 500 points. Reply stop to end.

When you focus your SMS short codes on providing customer value, you will rapidly improve your brand loyalty and sales. Get the small things right with SMS short codes, and your customers will feel closer to your brand than any other. This almost certainly means that they will become a repeat customer and potential brand advocate for your online site.

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