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Sweden SMS messaging country regulations and restrictions

Before you start sending SMS messages to Sweden, please ensure that you understand the regulations around messaging in the country. All programs are required to be compliant with the applicable laws. Please contact our support team if you are unsure about any of these regulations.


Restriction Description
DND exists Unknown
Time restrictions No
International vs local split N/A
Local traffic N/A
International traffic N/A
General content restrictions
  • Politics
  • Adult or otherwise inappropriate content
  • Violence
  • Gambling
Content registration required
  • Any unsolicited message is not allowed
  • All recipients have to opt-in for messages, or explicitly requested OTP
  • Any promotional content must explain how the end-user can opt-out
  • All URLs must be whitelisted
  • URL shorteners cannot be whitelisted unless they are private and non-corrupted
Opt-out instructions required N/A

Sender ID regulations Sender ID registration is required for message content with web addresses (URLs)
Sender ID documentation required Yes - as it is required to whitelist URLs
Country supports MNP Yes


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