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Put your best foot forward with conversational marketing on WhatsApp

What if you could talk to your customers how you talk to your friends and family on WhatsApp? And what if you could make these interactions interesting and engaging while ensuring you get the most important message across? The WhatsApp Business Platform enables brands to activate a powerful, high-reach marketing channel, with messages that include informative headings, eye-catching images, and even videos and location pins to bring them to life. 

Let's follow a customer's journey as he purchases new shoes from a retailer, Fashion Zone. This is an example of innovative end-to-end digital commerce experiences that can be built out with the help of WhatsApp and Clickatell. 

Walking the extra mile so your customers don't have to

Keanan, 26, browses through his Instagram News Feed. He’s been considering buying new sneakers and has looked at different styles and colors at several online stores. Suddenly, his eye catches an ad from a new retailer, Fashion Zone, that recently opened in town. Their sneakers are currently on promotion! 

He clicks “Shop Now” which opens a chat in WhatsApp with Fashion Zone. From the prompt options presented to him, he selects to browse their catalog and finds a pair of fiery red sneakers he wants. 

He asks about returns and refunds, confirms his address and other personal details, opts in for further WhatsApp communication from Fashion Zone, and places his order. 

Over the next couple of days, Keanan receives regular updates on the status of his order. Two days later, he is notified that his shoes are on their way and will be delivered that same day. That was quick! 

After delivering his shoes, Fashion Zone sends a short survey asking him to rate his experience. Five stars, for sure! He shares his great experience with Fashion Zone on Facebook and receives a thank-you voucher for 10% off his next order. 

Two months later, Keanan receives a short video from Fashion Zone, showcasing their latest activewear range. Hmmm, I’ve been wanting to get new joggers, thinks Keanan and heads over to the catalog.  

To complete his payment, he simply replies with “yes” to confirm that he wants to pay with the same card as his previous purchase. And voila, his order is placed! 

After checking out, he decides to join the loyalty program, FZ Couture Club. He really likes Fashion Zone’s product range and how easy it is to buy from them. 

Later that year, Keanan updates his account details via WhatsApp when he moves to a new apartment. On his birthday, Keanan is pleasantly surprised to receive a WhatsApp message from Fashion Zone – 15% off! 🎁

Stay one step ahead with end-to-end digital commerce experiences on WhatsApp

In this use case, Fashion Zone strung together several WhatsApp features to create a complete, seamless end-to-end digital commerce experience for their customers.   

Ads that Click to WhatsApp streamline your customers' journey by directing them from popular social networks, where they already spend a big chunk of their time, straight to a WhatsApp conversation with your business in one tap. Customers don’t need to go look for a way to get more information on products or how to contact you, resulting in increased conversion and preventing lead leakage.  

When the WhatsApp conversation opens, Keanan is presented with Icebreakers, making it easy for him to start the conversation instead of having to formulate and type his own message.  

From here, the chatbot takes over, presenting Keanan with commonly asked questions and providing pre-programmed answers, branching out as he makes certain selections. 

With WhatsApp Commerce Messages and Clickatell’s powerful Chat 2 Pay feature, Keanan can browse the business’ product catalog, gathering information and adding the items he wants to his cart. Placing an order and checking out is as easy as tapping a couple of buttons.  

Fashion Zone uses utility-type templates to keep Keanan up to date with the progress of his order and its delivery. After completing his order, valuable feedback was gathered using a WhatsApp template to send a CSAT survey to Keanan. This feedback can be used to improve Fashion Zone’s products and services further. 

A media template lets you add an image, video, or document to the header of a message to build brand awareness, encourage engagement, and provide quick, useful information to customers, such as the advert for the new range of active wear sent to Keanan. 

Keanan received a special voucher for his birthday (media template with image header) to thank him for being part of the loyalty program and encouraging further spending. 

With Chat 2 Pay’s Clickatell-hosted checkout page and innovative tokenization and customer profile feature, frictionless and secure in-channel, reply-based payments are optimized for conversion and repeat purchases.  

All of the above happened without any intervention from a human being, directed by Clickatell's chatbot builder, Chat Flow. For more complicated or specialized queries, you can take it a step further and let customers opt to talk to a live agent with Clickatell’s Chat Desk application. 

Take a step in the right direction with WhatsApp anc Clickatell

Reach out to our Sales Team to find out how Clickatell can help you stand out from the crowd and make a real impression on your customers through a channel they already use and understand – WhatsApp. Delight your customers, like Keanan, with a seamless, end-to-end digital commerce experience so they keep coming back for more! 😃💸  

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