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Make Every Customer Conversation Count with Chat Flow

Building strong customer relationships and engaging experiences are key goals for any business. Great conversations create connective ties between your brand and your customer—and it’s this customer experience that drives conversion.











Clickatell Chat flow helps you create these conversations through no-code, drag-and-drop functionality so your business can chat with customers in real time, set up automated customer journeys, check account balances, follow up on support inquiries, and so much more. In fact, Chat Flow is a conversation builder that lets you design and deliver intelligent, immersive, self-service engagements with your customers. Chat allows the customer experience to be simple and seamless – you can engage with your customers the same way they engage with their friends and family, through convenient chat messages.

Chat Flow is an easy-to-use visual tool allowing anyone in your organization to design, test, and deploy complex Chat Commerce experiences—with no technical experience needed—and then deploy them across multiple channels seamlessly. Forming part of the Interact Platform,

Chat Flow allows you to communicate with your customers via SMS, USSD and WhatsApp, with more channels coming soon.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Chat Flow

Clickatell Chat Flow accelerates your digital transformation, bridging the gap between customers’ expectations and your delivery of innovative services. Imagine never putting your customers on hold again with a solution that does not require long lead-times. With Chat Flow, you can get innovative customer journeys to market quickly, experiment with new use cases with minimal resources and make changes to existing customer journeys without major disruption.

Deliver app-like functionality right within your customers’ trusted chat channel by providing in-depth product information, issue resolution, and the ability to make purchases directly within the chat conversation

Simple Integration; Intelligent Experiences

Simplify workflow development

Create rich menu-driven workflows that enable innovative self-service customer experiences with app-like functionality. Our drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to see your proposed customer journey. You can experiment, make changes on-the-fly, and then deploy across multiple channels—even without technical experience.

Bring your human agents into the loop

Deliver a customer experience that enables your customers to get help efficiently by seamlessly switching back-and-forth between automated bots and human agents.

Create cross-channel continuity

Provide your customers with consistency regardless of the channel they choose to interact with your business. Develop multiple, simultaneous experiences and move between different workflows as needed.

 Integrate with ease

Enrich conversations with customers by connecting them to your business services and third-party services to create rich, engaging experiences without compromising security or compliance requirements.

Design and deploy in days

Using our drag-and-drop functionality and our pre-built templates based on best practices, simply create incredible workflows. Easily connect your flow to your support channels and deploy it.

Deepen your customer relationships

Enable your customers to reach out whenever they need you, from wherever they are—and get a personalized experience that delivers exactly what they want in an efficient, satisfying, and connective manner.

Want to find out how Clickatell Chat Flow can help you create the connective conversations that turn into conversions? We’d love to tell you more. Contact us.



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