Must-have functionality in your bulk SMS gateway

Choosing the best bulk SMS gateway

A bulk SMS gateway is a great way to integrate SMS APIs with your system or application. Developers often need to give their websites and apps the ability to send SMS messages to a larger customer base to improve retention, interaction, and sales. This functionality should be carefully considered, since choosing an appropriate gateway is key long-term SMS success.

What kind of functionality should your bulk SMS gateway offer?

  • Top of your SMS gateway list of requirements should be multiple SMS API options so that your business can identify and integrate the most beneficial software interface into your desktop and mobile applications.

  • The bulk SMS gateway that you select must have automated alerts that allow you to set up triggers that will automatically send out reminders to your customers, employees, or members.

  • Global reach should play a very important role when choosing an SMS gateway provider. With international SMS capabilities, you'll be able to send messages to customers, affiliates, and suppliers all over the globe - which will improve working relationships, customer retention, and scheduling for your business.

  • Sending messages is one thing, but a bulk SMS gateway should also be able to receive messages directly from your userbase. Research has shown that as much as 64% of customers want to be able to engage with companies via SMS services and with two-way communication and unique shortcodes or long numbers, you can start meaningful conversations with your customers.

  • A bulk SMS gateway should be reliable and scalable, which means that it needs to be powered by a company with a solid reputation that is able to cover a large range of networks, and support systems across the world. Clickatell has been enabling businesses to interact, transact, and connect with their customers for over 17 years, spanning over 1000 mobile networks in over 220 territories and countries.

  • Pricing should not be the major factor when choosing your SMS gateway provider, but it certainly plays an important role. Clickatell's tiered pricing structure means the more you spend, the cheaper it gets. Get pricing for any country using the innovative SMS Pricing Estimator.

  • Sufficient developer resources are also key – you want to be able to provide your developers with quick, easy access to a range of developer documents to integrate quickly and easily.

SMS comes in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. The common thread is that you need to make sure that your bulk SMS gateway integrates easily with any software, and is able to successfully perform the functions that you have outlined for marketing purposes. With functionality like this from your bulk SMS gateway, you'll actively enhance your marketing strategies every time you use the SMS APIs to communicate with your customers.

Unlike almost every other form of direct marketing, SMS remains the most effective way to get in contact with a customer - as 98% of all text messages are opened within 90 seconds of being delivered. Partner with the best bulk SMS gateway and you will enjoy the benefits of having a direct line to thousands of customers. If experience has proved anything, it's that an effective marketing channel is worth its weight in gold. Choose yours with care.

Clickatell SMS Platform is a powerful, fully scalable communication tool that enables you to reach your customers anywhere in the world and ticks all the right boxes. Sign up for a free account which includes unlimited free testing in the sandbox environment and start reaping the benefits today.


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