A bulk SMS gateway is a great way to integrate SMS APIs with your system or application. Developers often need to give their websites and apps the ability to send SMSes to a larger customer base, to improve retention, interaction and sales. This functionality should be carefully considered, as choosing an appropriate gateway is key to long term SMS success.

What kind of functionality should your bulk SMS gateway offer?

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Bulk SMS Gateway Functions Explained

  • Your SMS gateway should offer you multiple SMS API options so that your business can identify and integrate the most beneficial software interface into your desktop and mobile applications.
  • The bulk SMS gateway that you select must have automated alerts that allow you to set up triggers that will automatically send out reminders to your customers, employees or members.
  • With international SMS capabilities you will be able to send messages to customers, affiliates and suppliers all over the globe - which will improve working relationships, customer retention and scheduling for your business.
  • Sending messages out is one thing, but a bulk SMS gateway should also be able to receive messages directly from your user-base. With two-way communication and unique short codes, you can open up a dialogue between your valued customers and brand.
  • If you need SMS functionality that is a little more complex and flexible, the 'email to SMS' feature in a bulk SMS gateway will let you send updates and reminders and other messages directly to your email database.
  • Personalized priority messages will help your brand send the right information to the right person, at the right time. Plus because web SMS reaches mobile devices, your customers will always be in the right place. In business this is called effective direct marketing.
  • A bulk SMS gateway should be reliable and scalable, which means that it needs to be powered by a company with a solid reputation that is able to cover a large range of networks, and support systems across the world.
  • If your brand likes to run competitions that will help you build quality SMS or email lists for marketing purposes, then your bulk SMS gateway needs this functionality. Clickatell for example offers a no-programming online bulk SMS service for everyone, and a gateway for developers.

SMS software comes in all shapes, sizes and configurations. The common thread is that you need to make sure that your bulk SMS gateway integrates with any software, and is able to successfully perform the functions that you have outlined for marketing purposes.

With functionality like this from your bulk SMS gateway, you will actively enhance your marketing strategies every time you use the SMS APIs to communicate with your customers.

Unlike almost every other form of direct marketing, SMS remains the most effective way to get in contact with a customer - as 99% of all text messages are opened within an hour.

Partner with the best bulk SMS gateway and you will enjoy the benefits of having a direct line to thousands of customers that was not previously possible. If experience has proved anything, it's that an effective marketing channel is worth its weight in gold. Choose yours with care.

For more on the Clickatell SMS API gateway click here.

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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