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How do online sellers use SMS marketing for product sales?

SMS Marketing for product sales

A marketing SMS is a text message that has a functional end goal for the online retailer that is trying to improve their product sales. Whether starting or completing the online sales funnel, SMS mobile marketing can have a profound effect on the overall sales that a site can generate in one complete calendar year.

As an online retailer you want to know how your peers are using marketing SMS to leverage their on-site sales. Here are some great examples of high-impact text campaigns.

The Mama Mike's Story

Mama Mikes is a popular online store that allows people in Uganda and Kenya to purchase gifts, vouchers and services for family and friends. The store focuses on helping people that are abroad, send nice things to their loved ones who are back at home.

Mama Mike's began using marketing SMS services after realizing that their business had grown too large to handle by phone. With all the orders they were getting every month, it was costing them a fortune to call and inform gift recipients that they need to collect their goods. The only solution was finding an affordable, easy method of doing this.

Naturally, Mama Mike's switched over to the Clickatell marketing SMS system so that they could use text notifications to keep their customers informed and happy. They chose to use our SMTP API in conjunction with our SMS gateway, CMneXt.

From there they could send automated SMS notifications which saved them time, money and greatly improved their customer service. Overall, this increased productivity which directly led to greater sales and growth for the company.

The Result?

With marketing SMS, Mama Mike's managed to improve customer relationships, retention and loyalty while optimizing their notification process.

The VG Auction Story

VG Auction works in the virtual gaming space as a website where gamers can exchange virtual game assets in a fair and economical environment. They once had to hire dozens of people to answer emails and organize business transactions.

Marketing SMS services was one of the better options at this point for the virtual gaming industry. VG Auction decided to use SMS to alert members on the website when one of their items had been sold, bid on, or if they had a question from another site user to answer.

With Clickatell's quality marketing SMS services VG Auction managed to automate many of these tasks, which saved them a lot of money and resources.

The Result?

VG Auction managed to drop their virtual game asset prices and optimize their customer service, two-way communication, retention and loyalty ratios which resulted in more sales over time.

With Mama Mike and VG Auction's success using marketing SMS to improve the sales on their ecommerce websites, you can look forward to SMS streamlining your online offering as well. Customers are always the end goal, so if you can support, encourage and add value to your sales website processes, you will almost certainly enjoy just as much success.

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