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Here’s how chatbots are improving customer experience in the beauty industry

How chatbots improve customer experience

Who would’ve thought that mobile phones would manage our lives, and artificial resources would guide our buying process? Well, customer experience has certainly come a long way. Not even our wildest dreams could have predicted the technology we’re experiencing today. And it’s only getting better.

When it comes to beauty, customers go beyond brand loyalty to find a product that feels good on their skin and doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg to purchase. However, this particular industry is one of the few that struggle with ecommerce purchases – mostly because customers don’t have the opportunity to ‘try something on’.

But, since chatbots have helped some of the biggest beauty brands to better their customer service, it’s only practical for brands to try and offer the same in-store experience for those who are unable to leave their seat. New age applications of artificial intelligence are giving brands the power to create a ‘robot’ that is as intelligent, authentic and sophisticated as a brand’s employees themselves. This, in turn, is helping to grow their bottom line and reach their ultimate goal – improved customer experience.

Why chatbots matter for customer experience

Put simply, the main reason why companies make use of chatbots is to improve their customer service and the overall customer experience. Companies can train their chatbots to answer specific questions about beauty products, giving customers a personalized experience according to their needs, price range, and skin type. While it’s been a popular and demanding concept for regular brands, the beauty, and fashion industries have always struggled to succeed simply because customers cannot try the product on before ordering it online.

But, with the introduction of augmented reality, innovative beauty brands have shown their customers how easy it can be by asking the right questions, showing them the results and even incorporating suggestions into their bots. There are various channels you can use to communicate with your customers, from social media to live chat on your website. Whichever you choose, it all comes down to connecting with your audiences whenever, however, and wherever they need you most.

Where chatbots are headed

When chatbots first entered the market, there was much talk about beauty brands employing chatbots for the sake of having one. And, with negative commentary around chatbots being ‘creepy’ or impersonal, companies have taken the time to carefully design their own bot which reflects the voice of their brand.

Apart from companies reaping the benefits of applications of artificial intelligence, chatbots can make customers’ lives significantly easier. Not only do they get given the helpful advice they need, but browsing time is cut down significantly too. Customers either have the opportunity to speak with someone directly about a product they’re looking for, or they’ll be offered value-adding suggestions from their browsing searches. While some might see this as a disadvantage for your website’s UX, others see it as yet another opportunity to improve their entire customer experience.

With new advancements coming in strong every year, bots will slowly become more and more intelligent because of the information they’ll learn that they no longer need to be told by an employee what to do. Crazy to think. So, if your company is looking to improve business automation and change the way customers connect with your brand, then read more about how chatbots can help improve your business operations.


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