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U.S. Consumers Want to Bank in Chat

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Chat has gone mainstream. There are now almost 6B regular users of Chat apps like WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. Consumers can now find goods and services, make purchases, track orders, and resolve issues with a simple text or chat.

Our first-ever Chat Commerce Trends Report shows just how much U.S. consumers have turned to Chat to conduct business, showing a clear path forward for organizations looking to grow new, younger customer segments, reduce service and support costs, and drive revenue by enabling transactions on Chat.

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  • Consumers love Chat – 88% of consumers use chat apps on a mobile device; Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage are by far the most common.

  • Business are moving to Chat – 54% of those surveyed have already chatted with a business, with Millennials leading this trend.

  • Transact in Chat – 77% of those surveyed are open to make purchases via a Chat app and 1/3 have already communicated with a bank via Chat.

  • Millennial and Gen Z want banks to offer Chat – The majority of survey respondents said they would use a chat app for banking if it was offered.

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