06 May 2008

Clickatell named finalist for Best Messaging Business Application

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Redwood City, US - Clickatell, leading provider of global mobile messaging, today announced it was chosen as one of three finalists for "Best Messaging Business Application" by 160 Characters as part of their 2008 Mobile Messaging Awards. As one of three finalists in the Business Application category, Clickatell was chosen because of its work with Metropolitan's Cover2Go, who provides life insurance directly to customers' cell phones using SMS. The award winners will be presented at the Gala Awards Dinner in Cannes on May 8, 2008, immediately after the first day of the Global Messaging Congress. "We're proud to be recognized as a leading provider of mobile business applications for our proven work providing enterprise messaging around the world," said Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell. "Cover2go, like many of our business-class applications, is using the power of innovative technology to create mobile products and services using SMS.

Clickatell works with over 8,300 organizations to deliver mobile strategies for direct customer communications and critical transactions across a number of vertical industries including financial services, mobile marketing, IT, and social networking." Mike Grenville, founder of 160Characters.org and long time industry journalist commented, "The finalists delivering mobile business applications represent the most exciting and promising companies in the enterprise mobile space today. Clickatell was selected by an experienced panel of judges against many companies delivering mobile services today. We wish Clickatell the best of luck and look forward to tracking their success." Having moved away from the traditional way of selling insurance, Cover2go offers insurance in a way that's convenient and hassle-free for the customer. The belief that insurance should be bought, not sold, puts the decision in the hands of the customer.

Cover2go is easy to access and use by anyone with a cell phone. The policy is bought by sending your name and ID number to a premium-rate short code, and the cost is applied directly to the phone's plan. The system, powered by Clickatell, replies with a confirmation and policy number, requests the name of a beneficiary, and reminds the policyholder to make sure they have informed someone about the life insurance. Once the policy expires, a notification is sent asking if they choose to renew. This service can be applied anywhere across the globe, making it possible for people to benefit from added insurance coverage while on the go, anywhere, anytime. The 2008 Mobile Messaging awards cover the whole range of mobile messaging from SMS and MMS, to IM, email and voice-messaging. They are open to all companies with a messaging product, service or initiative which has been launched from April 2007.

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