17 November 2016

Clickatell Launches on Demand Customer Care Platform: Clickatell Touch

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Redwood City, California, 16 November 2016 --- Enterprise mobile messaging pioneer Clickatell today unveiled Clickatell Touch, to transform the entire customer service experience for companies and their customers by bringing one-touch, on-demand mobile customer service to enterprises everywhere.

Clickatell Touch replaces outdated support methods with real-time communication and intelligent workflow automation that brings an end to the current call center experience of complicated phone trees and dropped calls.

“We can use a mobile phone to summon a car with a single touch of a button and we believe it should be just as easy for customers to connect with brands,” said Deon van Heerden, CEO of Clickatell Messaging. “The world has moved from mobile-first to mobile always. With Clickatell Touch, big brands can set up shop in the palm of a customer’s hand.”

The new Clickatell Touch platform delivers a complete, end-to-end enterprise platform that connects consumer chat with business operations. Touch runs in the cloud and works with enterprise infrastructure of every stripe. The platform seamlessly deploys across contact centers and integrates with existing enterprise CRM, ERP and support solutions, including Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Clickatell Touch is personalized, immediate and intuitive, making it a game-changer in today’s customer service landscape. Its essential elements include:

  1. Touch™ chat platform enables businesses to seamlessly manage multiple customer conversations in parallel. Our enterprise chat application provides 360-degree views of customers, chat forwarding, multi-agent to customer chat, markups, bot chat assistance and many other enterprise features that drive customer engagement happiness.

  2. Touch™ cards are customizable mini-applications that bring everyday transactions like appointments, estimates, purchases, invoices and more into the chat stream as simple and convenient self-service interactions.

  3. Touch™ Business rules engine intelligently integrates Touch with your existing on-premise and cloud-based enterprise CRM, ERP, support and business applications to leverage customer data and deliver personalized experiences.

The company says that its trials and testing have indicated up to a 60 percent reduction in call center costs over the first 3 years of operation. Part of these savings is a result of the fact that with Clickatell Touch, a single agent can handle up to six customer conversations at the same time. The other significant saving factors are the elimination of IT infrastructure, self-service and automation capabilities. Touch Cards also provide opportunities to cross-sell and upsell during support interactions.

Founded 15 years ago, Clickatell has long been recognized as a pioneer in helping brands build experiences and relationships with customers via mobile phones, starting with SMS and text messaging. The company works with some of the largest global brands including WhatsApp, Facebook, Visa, McKinsey & Company and IBM.

This long history of delivering new services to enterprise customers has given Clickatell insight into building a transformative B2C communication. The technology is designed for rapid, lightweight deployment and low ongoing operational costs – no in-house software or hardware necessary. Clickatell Touch integration requires a one-time, on-boarding charge. There is no upfront capital investment. The service allows for unlimited seats, chat streams, and analytics with monthly billed per-active-customer pricing.

About Clickatell

Founded in 2000, Clickatell is a leader in global mobile messaging, helping businesses connect with their customers. Clickatell is a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA with over $12 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital and DAG Ventures. To date, Clickatell has served billions of messages for over 15,000 customers. Current customers, which span enterprise sectors, include Visa, IBM, Avaya, McKinsey & Company, Facebook and WhatsApp.



About Clickatell

We create a better world through technology, making commerce in chat accessible for everyone, everywhere. Consumers can now connect with brands to find goods and services, make purchases, track orders, and resolve issues with a simple text or chat. No need for cash, phone calls, in-person interactions, or apps. Founded in 2000 with now over 10,000 customers, Clickatell is powering the digital commerce transformation. Clickatell is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA and has offices in Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria (www.clickatell.com).

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