22 May 2005

Clickatell ICM streamlines premium campaign management

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By providing for two-way interactive messaging, Clickatell ICM equips users with the tools they need to manage subscriber lists and content. Content can be text-only, or information linked from existing applications. Users have full control over their campaigns and services in real-time, making it easy to launch a once-off marketing campaign or to create a new service. Clickatell ICM provides a simple intuitive interface for real-time direction of both inbound and outbound messaging campaigns using keyword management. Examples of keywords include competitions, marketing campaigns and ringtones.

Since Clickatell uses its own SMS gateway product, which connects directly with the SMS infrastructure of mobile operators, the company can guarantee the delivery and receipt of bulk inbound and outbound SMS messages at the most competitive pricing. With message volumes, particularly in the field of premium-rated messaging, growing rapidly off an increasingly high base, many companies have the opportunity to earn revenue from new services and content. However, managing these campaigns without the proper tools can prove to be very difficult, with many service providers charging excessive fees to run messaging campaigns. Clickatell decided in June 2004 to give all revenue generated on premium rated campaigns to the companies running the campaigns and only charges a flat SMS handling fee, breaking from general practice in the mobile messaging arena. The revenue generated from premium rated messaging is usually split between the mobile operator, the client and the organization running the campaign.

The advantages of Clickatell ICM are: * Interactive campaign management. * Instant access and full control of campaigns anywhere, anytime. * Keyword and Sub-Keyword management. * Flexible and robust. * Comprehensive Subscription Management with opt-in and opt-out features. * Multiple-number support, including shared Shortcodes where available. * Content management including linking to external sources. * Multi-users with feature access control. * Bulk messaging capabilities. * Detailed reporting in real-time. Since not all countries offer premium rate messaging services, Clickatell ICM will initially be marketed to consumers in South Africa and the US. Other countries will follow later. Other Campaign Management Software and Custom Development: Clickatell's SMS application showcase features a number of applications that have been developed by independent parties who use the Clickatell Gateway. For example, Smessage, an interactive advertising campaign management tool, can help with marketing, advertising and function organisation. Clickatell's showcase also lists SMS Integrators & Solution Providers that can develop bespoke applications to meet a client's exact requirements. Clickatell's Application Showcase can be found at the following URL: http://www.messagingmarket.com

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